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Video Game Streaming with Far Cry 5

If there’s one game that’s truly built for video streaming, it’s Far Cry 5. You’ll know as soon as you start playing it, which is why it’s also very popular on Twitch. So what makes it so good for video game streamers?

Far Cry 5 is a well-rounded game with nice graphics and a lot of action. The views of the landscapes in Montana are pretty cool, but it all comes down to the action.

There’s so much happening, so fast, which is ideal for streaming. Nobody wants to watch 40 minutes of nothing!

Far Cry 5’s success can be attributed to video streaming, as streaming has become a marketing tool as well. People play games and stream the whole experience on social media or platforms like Twitch. Thousands of people, gamers and non-gamers alike, watch these streaming’s because they’re fun and captivating.

How to Stream Far Cry 5?

When it comes to game streaming, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are the most popular. However, Amazon has recently announced its own new game streaming called Luna. So it remains to be seen how that will perform against the reigning platform Twitch.

Before you stream, you need the right equipment. A high-quality microphone is absolutely essential. A lot of gaming streamers who have built a brand for themselves have done so through their unequivocal commentary.

If you plan on streaming from a console directly, you’ll also need a video capture card (Elgato or AVerMedia). If you want to stream yourself too, as you play a game, you’ll need a camera. And it goes without saying that you need a really good internet connection.

Lastly, you need good software to combine the screen recording, your video recording, and the audio and stream it live to a platform. Streaming is done live, so it’s not like recording yourself, editing, and then uploading it online.

You can find out the instructions on how to use that software from that software’s help page. The features and controls may vary. Open Broadcaster Software is the most popular one in the gaming community.

Dealing with Errors

When you’re playing and streaming Far Cry 5, you’re bound to come across errors. Your game may just not successfully launch, especially if a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file is missing. The most common DLL errors during Far Cry 5 are VCRUNTIME140.dll and Mcvp140.dll.

When you’re an established gaming streamer, it’s imperative to stream regularly. For that, you need to deal with errors preemptively.

Fortunately, DLL errors like these are easy to deal with. Here are three quick fixes to both these DLL errors:

1. Run System File Checker tool by Windows.
2. Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributables.
3. Download missing DLL files directly from

Wrap Up

Streaming games can be both fun and lucrative, as many gamers are raking thousands of dollars every month just from streaming videos. Far Cry 5 is one of the most popular games in this regard, and the field is a bit saturated.

But now, with Far Cry 6, the opportunity has raised once again. Perhaps you can be the next big game streamer.