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Video Hosting Reviews/ Streaming Video Hosts

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The process of storing the videos on high performance hosting servers with the intention of delivering those videos to directed audience is known as video hosting. It is also used for presenting the streamable and downloaded material and video hosting reviews.

When you create a specifically for the videos, there are some basic and essential features and things you need to keep in your mind. It includes significant storage, bandwidth, computation power, and a secure datacenter and the top of the list thing is CDN. When you are hosting videos on your websites, it gives you more command and optionality than other streaming platforms like Vimeo and Youtube. And it requires some more standard web hosting services as well. Some of the best video hosting reviews and some sites are kept in mind and discussed below with their unique features and money-making capabilities.


Brightcove offers a three-type video hosting plan which includes marketing, enterprise commas, and monetization. Its marketing plan includes various things such as interactive features and interactive video, social sharing and viewership analytics, and some critical integration. The monetization plan is the most important one in this. It is mainly designed for those users who want to generate revenue from their videos. It is also capable of some high-volume streaming and has plenty of features.


Cincopa has many advantages, such as empowering you to brand the videos and the annotations, the calls to action, chapters, and forms that can even appear on your video. It is a powerful media solution that has the plus point of enabling and giving its customer the advantage of un tapping the videos, images, and even podcasts. It can quickly transform your site into a video destination.


This is the most accepted one across the globe, with around 250 plus exceptional customers. It is usually named as the most robust video platform in the market these days. This is the most simplest of all. It easily enables the video makers to record, edit, share and even host interactive videos. It is built on the newest and the latest technology stack.


If you are looking for the convenience of messaging with video expressiveness, then this is the right option for you. It gives several advantages and benefits to its customers and daily users with its effective way of making contact between your co-workers and your customers.

Jet Pack

This one offers a variety of marketing tools that can be used for word press users, and it also deals with performance and security.  You are given the advantage of high-speed content delivery with jetpack and video hosting. It allows you to review the stats which can be used for overall individual or the video plays.


It provides its users with a remarkable speed and real-time youtube vs. swarmify speed comparisons. It is a popular AppSumo deal. Here is one thing which swarmify has different from youtube. That is not promoting other content as Youtube does. It promises unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage. Moreover, it provides a distraction-free layout and advanced analytics.


A video hosting site can be best if it can engage the viewer to the offered video content. Wistia even boasts TV-quality video experiences and a platform builder plus a video hosting website. It has much more extensive control over the hosted content and can quickly grow the following. It offers white-label branding tools.


It is just like youtube, and it provides the viewers with entertainment where the viewers can watch the videos after recommended ones. But its appearance is a bit different as it appears as a news site/ it shows a collection of the biggest video stories. It even offers live stream and on-demand video as well. It is very straightforward and a simple video uploading and hosting. The videos are searchable, and you can even monetize your content on a daily motion. So that’s a significant advantage.

In short, it is essential to find the right and exciting streaming video hosts as it can also affect your future decisions. For this, you need to give yourself the right tool to make a brand and showcase the product you might have. You need to keep in mind every single type of pros and cons before deciding on a video hosting site.


Vdocipher is one of the first business video hosting solutions that pop up in discussion when video security is a prime concern. By that we mean, Vdocipher essentially prevents any illegal downloads of your video files. This further prevents the illegal distribution of your video files.

Vdocipher provides DRM encryption to prevent video piracy. The complete packaged offering includes Global CDN server hosting, a Smart HTML5 video player, Detailed Analytics, Dashboard, and APIs to manage the videos. VdoCipher serves 2000+ businesses across 40+ countries.

They also have other security measures like watermarking and blocking screen capture.


  • Excellent video security
  • Smart HTML5 player
  • One month free trial
  • Customer Support
  • Widevine & Fairplay DRM


  • Live streaming is not supported