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Video Player Like QuickTime

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Mac users are more than likely familiar with the QuickTime video player. QuickTime is a default media player available on every Mac, and it does an average job of playing standard video formats. That is except for MKV files, and that’s just not acceptable for some Mac users.

So if you’re one of those frustrated users looking for a free video player to play MKV files, you’re in luck. This article will delve into that and give you three video players with similar and better features than QuickTime. Excited? Let’s get right into it.

Video Players To Play MKV files on Mac

You’re tired of not being able to play MKV files on your default video player – QuickTime – on your Mac because it doesn’t support it. That issue is a thing of the past with these alternative solutions for you.

The most popular way to fix this is by getting another video player like the Mac MKV player, or better yet, one with better features. This brings excellent benefits because now you can customize the settings to your taste. This includes adjusting the video and audio settings to enjoy the best example, especially on high-quality videos. QuickTime doesn’t allow you to edit these settings, which can frustrate some Mac users.

Video Players Like QuickTime

If you’re looking to get other free video players like QuickTime for your Mac, then you have to take into account some particular features/needs.

  • The first is to ensure the video player can handle any video format.
  • It must be equipped with a minimalist or easy-to-use interface for users.
  • And it must grant you advanced technologies like video conversion and downloading.

With these three specific needs in mind, there are only three video player options that come to mind: VLC, MPlayerX, and Elmedia Player. So if you’re looking for a free video player for Mac that has better features than QuickTime, these three are the best options available for you:

  1. VLC – VLC is a free, open-source media player capable of handling any video format, including MKV files. It is also equipped with features like streaming videos over the internet, adjusting audio and video settings, and adding subtitles to videos. It’s an all-in-one video player and probably your best bet.
  2. MPlayerX – Our second option is MPlayerX. This is another free video player but with a difference. Its sleek, minimalist design and easy-to-use interface, along with its built-in subtitle search engine, will appeal to any user. Plus, it has the ability to play any video format as well.
  3. Elmedia Player – Moving on to the third, we have the Elmedia Player. Elmedia Player is a free video player stacked with lots of advanced features. These features allow users to download videos directly from the internet and also give them the freedom to convert videos from one format to the other. Talk about advanced. Users can also use Elmedia to create playlists. This makes up the big three for free video players for Mac, also equipped with added features and benefits for your enjoyment.

There you have it. These three free video players are your best options to swap for the QuickTime video player. Pick one that suits you and say goodbye to QuickTime.

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