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Virtual Reality Casinos

With discovering of different innovative technologies, scientists and other professionals try to integrate scientific advances into various fields of our activity. As one of the examples, Virtual Reality has been combined with online gambling sphere.
The result of this mix is obvious. A lot of people are attracted by the new extraordinary way to play. Especially, those who used to play online before come to see what it is all about. You can still visit your favored games, win prizes, and interact with other player – everything you can in real life.

• Many of such alternative places have live chat where you can text or speak with each other. Usually, the community is even friendlier. Here you can talk as much as you want without any limitations.

• Probably, online casinos in the future will move to virtual reality platforms. Recently, it was a bit complicated and expensive but the VR headsets are becoming more affordable for ordinary people. Both software and hardware are modifying and upgrading in order to make it smaller and more comfortable.

• But there are players who prefer real establishments because of less problems and opportunities. Actually, the experience is awesome. Maybe the only disadvantage in this situation could be the absence of physical contact with the furniture, items and other things. On the other side, instead of ordinary place in the casino you can take a comfy pose in your favorite arm-chair or on the sofa. As for functional part and collection of games, the VR can keep up with the real casino. The environment is fully interactive and gives player to choose what to do. You can hear all of the natural sounds in casino like shuffling cards, slots machines, roulette, etc.

• Speaking about VR software providers, there are already known for their projects Microgaming, NetEnt, CASEAXE. So reliability of their websites is high and worth it.

What about disadvantages?
As everything in this world, VR technology in gaming has its cons. First of all, it’s quite expensive to get the full set of necessary equipment. Besides VR headset like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, you need a computer powerful enough to provide the functioning without lags and errors. Together it may cost a bit expensive but as it was said above the prices are decreasing and in the future it will be much cheaper.

The other crucial aspect is about portability. VR set requires computer, headset itself and all of them are connected with many cables it isn’t wireless). Thus, virtual reality casinos and bingo rooms are unavailable while travelling in comparison with classic online alternatives of the mobile version.

Not very big collection of games is not a real problem because new ones appear constantly. The technology is developing so a bit of time and everything will be fine.

Anyway, the technology is promising and worth to try it, especially in the near future. Even if you don’t want to purchase it, there are a lot of working systems in special places or even in the real casinos. The experience is quite unusual and worth it!