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Washing Clothes Natural Way – Know How

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Whether you like it or don’t, washing clothes is one of the household chores that you can’t do away with. It forms such an integral part of your daily activities, but have you ever taken a moment to introspect as to how many chemicals are packed into your washing detergents? These chemicals not only cause damage to your clothes but also are extremely harsh on your hands. Often causing your hands to become scaly and your skin peels off too. If you have been on the look for some natural ways of washing clothes, then we are here to share some ideas.

  1. Use Vinegar: Vinegar is a magic liquid that resides in your kitchen cupboard. We often use it when we want to remove stubborn stains, but did you know you can replace your regular liquid detergent with white distilled vinegar?  You can use about a half cup of vinegar for your complete machine load of clothes. It acts as both detergent as well as a fabric softener. 
  2. Opt for Natural Detergent: You can also consider replacing your regular washing powder with natural detergent liquid that is chemical free. These detergents are packed with natural ingredients like lemon oil, that are safe for your clothes, the environment, and your hands too. The natural liquid laundry detergent is suitable for all sorts of fabric, and it also aids in removing stubborn stains without much effort. 
  3. Baking Soda: Baking soda is famous for its deodorizing nature, you can add baking soda when the machine starts its last round of rinsing clothes. The pH-balancing characteristic of baking soda further helps in lighting the stains when used along with vinegar. Baking soda refreshes your laundry and removes any lingering smell from your clothes during the final wash. Dilute half cup of baking soda in the water and watch it’s magic do wonders to your clothes. 
  4. Essential Oils: Essential oils like lavender oil is an unsung heroes when we talk about their anti-bacterial properties. Therapeutic-grade lavender oil adds a wonderful fragrance to your laundry and negates the odor of sweat and bacteria from your clothes. Another essential oil that is preferred for laundry is tea tree oil. You can add these essential oils along with your regular detergent or even vinegar to make the most of its wonderful benefits.
  5. Avoid Using Dryer Sheets: We know how attached you may be to the dryer sheets, thanks to the fragrance and scent it coats our freshly washed clothes with. But, these may not be the greatest option in the long term for your clothes. The chemicals released by the dryer sheet tend to coat the inside of your washing machine dryer, thus making them inefficient over a while. The best way to fluff up your towels, linen, and clothes is to add a few dryer balls (often made out of wool) or even tennis balls. These circulate air in the clothes without any chemicals and even accelerate the drying process of the clothes. 
  6. Cornstarch: If you like your shirts, and other clothes stiff, then make your very own solution at home, without the use of any chemicals. Mix one heaped detergent measuring spoon or cup of cornstarch in a bowl, and add two cups of cold water. Mix the solution, which may take a while to transform into a milky solution. You can add this to the final round of your machine washing cycle to make your clothes brighter and crisp. Alternatively, you can add this solution to a spray bottle, and use it while ironing your clothes. 

While we all love the eco-friendly options to wash our clothes, we should also consider buying eco-friendly clothes in the first place. We must understand that to prevent environmental contamination, our clothing must also be eco-friendly. Laundry that is done responsibly can get a boost from responsible buying.