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WATCH Calgary Stampede 2022 LIVE: How to Stream on TV and Online

Here in this article, you are going to know the 2022 Calgary Stampede live stream, TV coverage, schedule, Rodeo, Music Concerts, and more information. The Calgary Stampede is a yearly celebration. Each July, it is held in Alberta, Canada.

The 10-day long celebration started back in 1886. The occasion turned out to be well known to such an extent that Calgary’s public personality became attached to the occasion. The west Canadian city is likewise casually called “Charge City”.

The occasion includes a motorcade, a rodeo, a derby occasion, a halfway, different displays, live events, live shows, and night firecrackers. It likewise fills in as a manner to show the way of life and morals of the primary countries of Canada. Moreover, it is additionally dedicated to the idea of later societies’ safeguarding the local area.

What is The Calgary Stampede?

The Calgary Stampede is an annual festival. Every July, it is held in Alberta, Canada. The 10-day long festival began back in 1886. The event became so popular that Calgary’s national identity became tied to the event. The west Canadian city is also informally called “Stampede City”.

The event features a parade, a rodeo, a derby event, a midway, various exhibitions, music festivals, live shows, and evening fireworks. It also works as a way to exhibit the culture and ethics of the first nations of Canada. Additionally, it is also committed to the concept of later cultures’ preservation and community.

2022 Calgary Stampede Schedule

In 2020, the 10-day celebration of the cowboy life was axed for the first time in the event’s 112-year history.

  • 10 April: Extreme Cowboy Race
  • 10 April: Heavy Horse Show
  • 11 July: Cutting Horse Competition
  • 11 July: Vintage Tractor Pull
  • 12 July – 17 July: Team Cattle Penning Championship
  • 12 July – 14 July: Heavy Horse Pull
  • 12 July – 13 July: World Stock Dog Championship
  • 12 July: Rocky Mountain Cup – Team Roping
  • 14 July- 17 July: National Miniature Horse Show
  • 15 July – 16 July: International Livestock Auctioneer Championship
  • 15 July – 17 July: Cowboy Up Challenge
  • 15 July – 17 July: International Youth Livestock Supreme Championship and Scholarships
  • 17 July: Junior Steer Classic

What is the Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is the biggest attraction of the Canadian national festival. It is also considered the biggest rodeo event worldwide. The event runs for 10 days alongside the festival. The rodeo is heavily influenced by two factors. Firstly, the skills and talents of the contestants. Secondly, the quality of participants’ animals. This year, the event is featuring total prize money of $1.5 million.

All livestock for the rodeo show is gathered from a dedicated stampede ranch in Hannah. The ranch was established back in 1961. It works to ensure the high quality of horses and bulls. So far, the ranch’s dedicated production program produced some of the best rodeo animals. Additionally, often the ranch supplies rodeo stocks for other events.


The Stampede Rodeo has 6 major disciplines. These are:

  • Barrel Racing
  • Bull Riding
  • Tie-Down Roping
  • Steer Wrestling
  • Saddle Bronc
  • Bareback

Additionally, the event features four novice events for more amateur players. These are:

  • Junior Steer Riding
  • Novice Bareback
  • Novice Saddle Bronc
  • Wild Pony Racing

Every event has its management. As such, they run as individual events. Players are divided into two groups or pools. The first group competes for the first four nights. While the second group competes for the following night. Furthermore, the top four of each pool advance to the final. Whereas, the remaining ones compete for a wild card spot in the final.


The Stampede Rodeo is the main event of the annual festival. As a result, it runs for 10 days. Every afternoon at 1:30 PM the event kicks off. The GMC Stadium in Calgary hosts the event.

How to Watch the Calgary Stampede Rodeo Live on TV and Online:

Sportsnet Network is the official TV and Online broadcasting distributor of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo in 2022. Sportsnet and Sportsnet One will exclusively broadcast Calgary Stampede Rodeo from July 8 to July 17. The event will begin every day at 1:30 PM MT / 3:30 PM ET.

Furthermore, Sportsnet’s official internet platform Sportsnet NOW will live stream the event online. Sportsnet Now offers a monthly subscription for only $14.99 and an annual subscription for $149.99 for a standard plan. Additionally, the premium plan offers additional international leagues streaming for an extended price.

Sporting Events:

The Stampede offers various forms of events to enjoy. Among them, the most enjoyed shows are sporting events.

The biggest of them all is the Rodeo. It is dubbed the biggest Rodeo event worldwide. The Rodeo’s level is determined by two factors. The ability of contestants and the quality of their bulls. The Stampede Rodeo offers some of the top contestants and animals in the world. Every afternoon at 1:30 p.m., cowboys and cowgirls compete in a hectic test of skill and bravery, with each victory counting towards Showdown Sunday. The event offers 6 Rodeo events with a total of $1.5 million in prize money. These events are Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc, and Bareback.

The Stampede additionally features various agriculture competitions. Their names and dates are listed below:

Event Date
Extreme Cowboy Race 10 April
Heavy Horse Show 6 July – 10 July
Cutting Horse Competition 11 July
Vintage Tractor Pull 11 July
Team Cattle Penning Championship 12 July – 17 July
Heavy Horse Pull 12 July – 14 July
World Stock Dog Championship 12 July – 13 July
Rocky Mountain Cup – Team Roping 12 July
National Miniature Horse Show 14 July- 17 July
International Livestock Auctioneer Championship 15 July – 16 July
Cowboy Up Challenge 15 July – 17 July
International Youth Livestock Supreme Championship and Scholarships 16 July – 17 July
Junior Steer Classic 17 July

How to Watch the 2022 Calgary Stampede Live on TV:

Sportsnet channel is the official broadcast distributor of the Calgary Stampede. The event will be broadcasted on Sportsnet and Sportsnet One. It will run from July 8 to 17. Every day, Sportsnet channels will run a special broadcast on the event all day. Especially, the Calgary Stampede Rodeo will be streamed live every at 01:30 PM MT / 03:30 PM ET.

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