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Watch Review: Is A Tissot Watch A Good Purchase?

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Tissot has made a remarkable name in the watch-making industry, thanks to its affordability and quality timepieces. This Swiss brand has been offering innovative pieces that can compete with its well–known and more expensive counterparts. Tissot has achieved prestige with almost 160 years of crafting robust and stylish watches sold at a more reasonable price range. 

The brand has mastered producing pieces that meet all the standards of Swiss watch-making. These were all done, despite offering a more reasonable price to the market. For these reasons, it has successfully made partnerships with some of the biggest names in various fields. Let us now take a closer look at Tissot and learn why it is worth every penny.

An Overview of Tissot’s History 

In 1983, the brand became a part of one of the most popular and largest watchmakers – Swatch. However, it’s been in the business for centuries. Initially, Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son Charles-Emile Tissot established the company in 1953. It gained unimaginable success with over 1000 savonette pocket watches sold in its first year.  

Since then, the business was unstoppable, and it manufactured watches for the Russian Empire. 1918 was another milestone for Tissot. It now produces its parts and movements. Its long history experienced a lot of challenges, such as the Great Depression and the Quartz Crisis. Tissot triumphantly rises from these challenging times. 

Then, years later, it partnered with Omega, thus giving birth to Swatch Group more than 50 years ago. This weapon of Tissot enables it to produce quality and superb pieces while offering them at a lesser cost compared to other brands. It has unbeatable resources for developing and expanding its collections. 

A Quick Run-Down of the Magnificence in A Tissot Watch 

What do you get when you buy a Tissot watch? How does each piece match up the value of your hard-earned money? Here are its collections: 

1. Tissot T- Touch 

The brand would not be still existing today if not for its ability to match the changing times. Today, it is known for its innovative and cutting-edge timepieces. The Tissot – T Touch technology is the brand’s contribution to the world of watches that utilizes touch screen technology. It has a multifunction feature and operates several gadgets. 

It takes pride in the following features: 

  • tactile solar-powered watches
  • a backlight
  • a compass
  •  weather forecasting
  • altimeter
  • a second time zone. 

The Die Another Day and Tomb Raider movies have popularized this watch from Tissot. 

2. Tissot Classic 

The collection offers the most traditional design of Tissot timepieces. This sophisticated and elegant collection presents you with a refined design feature, a versatile piece for any occasion. Aside from looking handsome on your wrist, this collection also provides comfort to the wearer. You will barely notice its weight compared to other dress watches. 

What does this collection have in store for you? 

  • Smart and timeless dress watches that use quartz
  • Swissmatic
  • Powermatic 80
  • CSOC – certified mechanical movement

3. Tissot Sport

Tissot has something for everyone, whether you want a simple classic watch to go with your dinner date, company event, or everyday watch. The Tissot Sport collection also provides the most complicated and reliable watches to go with your adventures.

What will you get from purchasing these watches? 

  • wristwatch for water sports and racing with:
  • Supersport Chrono Collections
  • Chrono XL
  • Seastar 1000
  • T- Race 

Tissot ventured on the partnership with NASCAR, thus making it the official timekeeper of America’s popular auto-racing. This collaboration gave birth to T-Race NASCAR special edition watches. 

4. Tissot Heritage 

This collection presents you with a selection of remakes paying tribute to historical models, including the Tissot Visodate watch. Tissot’s long and rich history provides unlimited inspirations for designing Heritage watches. Tissot innovates the past collections with a contemporary style that appeals to modern tastes and fascinates many watch collectors. 

Some watches that belong to this collection are: 

  • Tissot Heritage 1978 Chronograph
  • Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic 
  • Tissot Heritage Petite Second 
  • Tissot Heritage Porto Mechanical 
  • Tissot Heritage Memphis Limited Edition

5. Tissot Gold

These timepieces will surely add sophistication and value to any connoisseurs’ collection. Tissot Gold collection includes classy luxury quartz and mechanical watches in 18k gold plating. 

You may check out some of these watches. 

  • Tissot T- My Lady Automatic 18k Gold
  • Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Solid 18k Gold Bezel 
  • Tissot Excellence 18k Gold 
  • Tissot Goldrun Hesalite 18k Gold 
  • Tissot Excellence Lady 18k Gold  

Tissot Features

Here are things you should know about the technology in Tissot watches, which proves more that buying a Tissot watch is a wise purchase. 

1. Tactile and Solar 

The Tactile technology provides for a touch screen crystal and is another in–house technology used by Tissot. Meanwhile, in 1999, the brand released the world’s first tactile watch – Tissot T- Touch, which features this Tactile technology in its series. 

Meanwhile, Tissot introduced the T- Touch Expert Solar. This one is a watch with a rechargeable battery. Combining the tactile feature with solar power required additional testing and development due to the substantial amount of energy the touchscreen function demanded. 

2. Super-Luminova

This technology is primarily used in diver’s watches for illuminating hands, dials, and bezels in dark conditions. The pigments glow in the dark for hours.

3. Antimagnetic

The Nivachron, which possesses titanium-based parts and Silicon parts in Silicium, ensure superb antimagnetic properties for Tissot’s mechanical movements. 

4. Powermatic 80 

It is an automatic movement that makes it possible to last for 80 hours without any self-winding. This one is double the amount the other automatic mechanisms can provide. This movement and Swissmatic are manufactured to a limited number of brands by ETA. 


It is undeniable that Tissot is a good and wise purchase for any watch fan. The technology and other features in each watch provide style, comfort, and exceptional functionality. The best part of it all is, you can get an extraordinary watch at a price that won’t hurt your budget. With Tissot, you can get hold of a highly–reputable watch brand at a friendly cost. If you want to learn more about this brand and see more details about it, you can visit