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Ways to Meet a Hockey Player

Hockey players are some of the toughest people out there. These are guys that get smashed into the boards, lose teeth as though it’s not a big deal, and get stitched up and sent out to play. In the eyes of many, they’re the perfect partners. Yet, how in the world do you meet them? We’re going to show you the best ways to meet a hockey player, so you stand a chance of dating these incredible people.

Attend games and catch a player’s eye
The first and most obvious way to meet a hockey player is to go to their games. Every hockey player loves to see their fans, and they’ll notify you if you show up in the right setting. Bring a sign, let them know who you are, and tell them that they’re interested. If you start going to enough games, you’ll become a familiar face and then see if sparks can fly. It’s tough to get noticed, though.

Join an official fan club.
The next way that you can find a hockey player interested in meeting you is if you were to become a member of a fan club. While the idea might seem outdated, the one thing that they get to benefit from is the fact that fan clubs get to meet the players. That means you’ll get some face time with your favorite hockey player at the pro level. You will not only be able to see if they are interested in you as more than a fan, but you’ll also have the ability to see if they measure up to your expectations as a person. It can be a very intense experience, so you have to be ready for it. Also, fan clubs require a fair amount of dedication.

Visit popular sports bars and clubs.
One place that the hockey players love to go to after a nice game is the sports bars. While you might not find a lot of the big-name professional players there, you can find a lot of middle-tier individuals out and about. These people love going out to mingle, get a few free drinks, and meet new people. All you have to do is find the local watering hole for these people and make sure you’re sitting on the barstool next to them. This can take some time, research, and nice clothing, but it is all worth it if you get the benefit of meeting a rugged hockey player that is looking to have a good time.

Support them publicly on your account.
More and more players are getting involved in their own social media channels. They want the opportunity to meet people and interact with their fans in a fun setting. When you post on their account or your own, they’ll get the message. If you leave yourself open to the opportunity, you might get a message back from one of them in turn. That might be just the spark you need to start interacting more often with a hockey player!

Get a job working for the team.
Working for the team is the dream of a lot of sports supporters. It will require a lot of dedication on your part because you must have a skill that is needed. Whether you are part of the medical staff, media team, or something else, you should know that nobody gets closer to the players than the people that work on the team. Security isn’t a bad idea, either, but they are usually based in the city in which the team plays and not for a specific team.

Use dating sites
Up for its dating site has shared information that many professional hockey players use dating sites to find their partners. Dating sites offer a lot of reasons to use them as a means of meeting someone for romance. For starters, anyone can join and look for someone according to their own needs. That’s not all, though. These sites connect people from all walks of life, including people that play hockey! Sign up for one and try it; you never know who is online and looking for a fan!

Meeting a hockey player isn’t always easy, but there are many approaches that you can take when trying to meet one. From dating sites to hanging out at practices, you can meet pros or amateur players for friendship or something a little more serious. Just give it a try!