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Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Tanning Experience

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Have you been looking longingly at the beautiful sun-kissed glow on your fave celebrity’s face? You can get it too, and rather easily at that. All you need is a spray tanning sesh and you are ready to rock the world!

Just book a session at a good salon, preferably towards the end of the day. This is because you may want to go back home and sleep in it. Also, as the color is usually darker than it eventually becomes post-shower, you may want to avoid facing people till your skin absorbs and reflects the true color.

Prep Required

For the session, remember to shave and exfoliate a couple of days before. This will ensure the removal of hair and dead skin cells that may impede the color from setting in perfectly.

If you want to get a seamless tan, you can go completely bare for the session at the tanning salon. But if you are uncomfortable with being naked, you can wear disposable or old undergarments to safeguard your modesty. Once the session is over, you can discard these inner garments as they are sure to get color on them and become unusable.

Post-session, the technician will dry you off with an air hose. Post that, you can get dressed. Do remember to get loose-fitting clothes to avoid the tan getting rubbed off.  

One thing, clearly explain the color you want to the expert. While the color will initially appear darker than you want as it is covered with a bronzer, it washes off during the shower and you get the color you desired. 

If you are unable to get a late appointment and have to be in public post the session, you can apply perfume to your clothes to mask the light smell of the color. Do remember to not apply the perfume to your skin though as it may lead to the discoloring of the tan color.

Also, while it is best to sleep in the color, if you can’t just take a shower after 6-8 hours to give the color time to set in. However, if you have gotten a fast-working or express formula, you can shower earlier too.

Do know that the tan color tends to make a mess. So, if you are going to sleep in it, use old bedsheets. 

A note of caution – when you are getting the tan done, you will notice that the therapist at the tanning salon in Boca Raton will work down the body. Mostly they do the front first and then the back. Make sure they get the creases too! 

They will give you proper instructions on how to stand. While it may seem silly, it is important to do as they say so that you get an even color. 

Getting a tan is one of the easiest things to do and it adds a gorgeous change to your personality. Just search for the ‘best tanning salon near me and book a session today! Hadlines