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Ways to Use Custom Lapel Pins to Promote Brand

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Are you looking for a better way to attract the attention of both potential customers and your existing ones? Using custom lapel pins could be one of the best marketing techniques that you can incorporate to succeed in an ever-growing competitive market. But just how can you best use custom lapel pins to attract new clients? How can you make your pins unique? How can you promote brand awareness by using custom lapel pins?

Color psychology when designing lapel pins

Color can affect a person’s behavior and mood so when using custom lapel pins, think of the impact that the color will have. Choose colors that will reflect well on your organization and create positive feelings. Red indicates power and dominance, making it an ideal choice to reflect high-ranking brands. It also portrays passion and love. Remember though that red also indicates hazards, so it may disturb some people. Blue signifies tranquility and peace. With the effective use of color psychology, you will be able to advertise your brand by creating a strong visual identity. Your clients will identify your brand by your colors.

Ways to use custom lapel pins to promote your brands

Here are some ways you can use custom lapel pins to promote your brands:

Use them as promotional items

Custom lapel pins can be given away as promotional items to reward loyal clients or to improve your brand awareness. As you launch a new product or service or open a new store, you can hand them out to potential clients as a promotional item. Additionally, you can use custom lapel pins from Rocket Badge to display corporate support at charity events.

Use them for indirect advertisement

Encouraging your clients and employees to wear your lapel pins is a perfect way of indirectly promoting your brand. Every time someone dons your pin, other people will notice your brand name and logo. You can use custom lapel pins from Rocket Badge to catch the attention of potential clients, prompting them to research your company more. Your brand promoters and employees can easily stand out by wearing lapel pins. Additionally, the pins will inform the public of what you do. You’ll enjoy this indirect advertisement without any extra costs.

Use them to boost your employee’s morale

When your employees do a good job, a custom lapel pin is an ideal way to appreciate them and promote teamwork. Custom lapel pins will inculcate a sense of belonging in your employees, and this will boost their morale. With boosted morale, your employees will wear the pin with pride.

Package them with other items

Since a lapel pin is a small object, you can consider randomly packaging it as a gift with other items. This will surprise your clients and create a sense of appreciation. You can also package the pin in a special box so that when the recipient isn’t wearing it, he or she can place it in the box and store it safely.


Without any doubt, custom lapel pins are one of the best ways of promoting your brand. You can use the above tips to get yourself ahead of your competitors. For durable, unique lapel pins, order and buy custom lapel pins from reliable manufacturers or suppliers.