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Ways to Use Raspberry Pi For Your Business

© by Photo: Aurich Lawson

The rise of microcomputers for education and hobbyists has seen some amazing uses being discovered. 

From the whimsical to the practical, these devices can be put to an almost endless list of applications and they could offer a cost-effective way to bring solutions to everyday businesses.

Here are four ways that you could use the Raspberry Pi to bolster your business operations.

Device remote control and automation

When linked to different sensors, a Raspberry Pi can track and act upon different inputs, for example, light, motion, and touch.

With the right code, this can then be turned into automated processes. 

Activating a refrigeration system in certain temperatures or turning a sprinkler system on at pre-set times of the day, turning lights or recording video when they sense motion – these are just a few examples of the automation potential in the Raspberry Pi.

VPN for a small business

Businesses of all kinds now handle more sensitive data than ever before and keeping it safe in the online realm can pose a challenge.

Using a VPN when handling personal data can protect both you as a business and your customers.

A Raspberry Pi can be turned into a small VPN server, perfect if you own a start-up in need of online security on a budget.

Development platform

If your business offering surrounds software of any kind, the Raspberry Pi is a perfect tool to use as a development platform.

Whether you offer software as a product or certain programs underpin your services, regular testing is vital to ensure you remain at the forefront of your sector and can lead to innovation.

Both simple and more complex programs can be coded onto the Pi, so no matter what you need to test out, it offers the right blend of power, speed and price for the job!

Computer troubleshooting tool

If your business uses computer systems of any kind, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be when you run into IT problems.

Whether testing hardware and other computer components, or being used to run software checks, the Pi can be used as a multi-purpose tool to ensure that your IT systems run smoothly.

Given it’s capabilities as a VPN server, you can also use it to test the security of cloud-based storage systems and more besides.

How can the Raspberry Pi help take your business to the next level?