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What About DEGIRO Account Types?

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This DEGIRO statement is the most flexible and default option available, allowing users to trade products and warrants in addition to a variety of financial instruments and offering the features of a custodial statement. The dealing of leverage, margin purchases, and stock shorting are all prohibited. The company has many DEGIRO account types.

The second statement is the active account, which is a fully-featured statement that gives dealers access to all of the DEGIRO products, including leverage and debit money up to a value of 33%. 

Investors get access to all financial instruments, including leverage, when they trade using a dealer statement from DEGIRO. Nothing suggests how much leverage would exist. dealers are also permitted to deduct up to 70% of the value of their money.

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The daytime dealer statements are more intriguing. Similar to the three accounts previously mentioned, dealers have access to all financial instruments, including leverage and derivatives, with this DEGIRO statement. How much of a ratio there would be is not specified. Furthermore, during open market hours, additional margins are available for dealers to use if they so choose, allowing them to always use 100% of the available margin. 

Trading a variety of financial instruments is possible with the DEGIRO entry-level custodial statement.

In addition to offering a wide variety of dealing options, this statement does not permit dealing with debit funds or securities. A dealer cannot switch between the normal statement and a custodial statement once the statement has been activated, and securities in a custodian statement cannot be lent (to other parties).

How to open an account?

You must first access the official website and select your nation. Type in your email, username, password, and email address verification. Your personal information, including your complete name, date of birth, and address, must be entered. Enter the information for the bank statement that you plan to fund your statement with. 

Make sure the information you have provided is accurate. You will need to prove your identification, which you may do by submitting a photo of your passport or EU ID card. Verifying your identity will take some time for the company.

Once it has been located, you must enter your tax identification number to provide them with your tax information. Put money into the statement for the first time. After everything has been checked, choose the statement type you wish. You will need to confirm through SMS that you agree to their legal terms and conditions. A test based on the securities you intend to trade will be required of you. In the event that you don’t pass, you can retake the test.