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What Any Beginner Should Know to Obtain Cisco CCNA Certification?

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Do you plan to boost your career path and add the 300-425 ENWLSD to your resume? Even if you are a beginner in IT, you should be confident that you can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate. Once you add it under your belt, you’ll become a network specialist who will be valued as a professional in dealing with Cisco technologies.

Are you curious about the steps you need to follow to obtain this Cisco certificate? If you are just starting your accreditation journey, then you’ll need to pass the 200-301 exam. You should validate your skills in different areas related to network fundamentals and access, IP services and connectivity, and more. Does this information make you excited to learn more? Keep reading the rest of this article to discover more about the 300-430 ENWLSI .

Is the CCNA Certification Suitable for a Beginner?

The candidates who apply for CCNA badge don’t need to meet any formal prerequisites. However, the vendor recommends that the test-takers should have at least one year of experience in administering and implementing Cisco solutions. Therefore, judging by this aspect, this accreditation can be easily obtained by a beginner. 

The accreditation exam validates the following abilities:

  • Explain and describe the main role of network components and how they function;
  • Configure the VLANs, Layer 2 discovery protocols and interswitch connectivity and verify the ways they can be properly configured to reach the highest level of productivity and security;
  • Configure and verify the IP connectivity purpose and productivity in networking;
  • Understand and explain the role of DNS and 300-435 ENAUTO  in a network and configure various categories of IP services and use SSH for remote access;
  • Define the essentials in terms of security and use the WPA2 PSK for WLAN configuration as well as understand how to configure and use the local passwords to manage the access of different types of devices;
  • Properly interpret the JSON encoded data as well as understand and explain the way the automation processes impact the network management.

What a beginner should know about the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

Once you understand requirements in terms of skills, you need to move to the next stage to get an overview of the structure and difficulty level. The 350-401 ENCOR can be obtained after passing the Cisco exam with the code 200-301. This test has a total duration of 120 minutes. 

Considering that the vendor doesn’t offer too many details on the total number of questions you’ll have to answer on the test day, you should be properly prepared to get the passing score from the first attempt. Also, the vendor doesn’t offer clear information on the question’s formats. The registration fee is of $300. Additional taxes may apply. Besides, you have the opportunity to choose whether you would like to take the exam in English or Japanese.


Getting CCNA 200-301 is not a complicated process as long as you set clear objectives and stay consistent in your preparation process. You should start with going through the exam’s blueprint and understand what abilities you will need to possess. Like this, you’ll be able to perform an objective self-assessment and identify the areas you need to improve. Additionally, this exercise will help get a clear idea on what to expect from this assessment. Therefore, it will be easier for you to choose the most Cisco CCNA 200-301 and be prepared for a difficult test and become more confident that you can succeed. Good luck!