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What Are Aftermarket Bumpers?

When you are thinking of purchasing a new bumper for your truck, there are things you must consider beforehand. What will you be using the vehicle for? is the first thing one should consider. If you are an off road driver, who enjoys the freedom of driving your truck in the fields and rivers all over the country you need to think about reliability. 

You will require an aftermarket bumper that is durable and will protect the front and back end of your vehicle from debris, animals and rocks. The best bumpers for this type of activity are superduty bumpers as they offer drivers with extra security, protection and a fantastic front end feature. If you would like to purchase a bumper that can do everything, you might want to consider the hammerhead truck bumper. 

With these types of bumpers they are produced with the exact same materials as mining trucks meaning you will be protected with the finest and strongest metal on the market today.  These types of vehicle bumpers have been going strong for over 25 years. Then there is the famous Ram 1500 ranch hand model. This is an American made company that has been serving the working farmers for years. There is premium grade steel used on these vehicle bumpers, which give ultimate strength and security. 

Features of Such Bumpers

There are various excellent features that make these aftermarket bumpers a brilliant choice. Let’s take a look at just two cool features that come with these  bumpers.  Drivers can expect the toughest steel to wrap around the front of the truck and lights. For example the Ranch Hand bumper uses 25% thicker and tougher metal. Below is a list of features you can expect from a ranch hand bumper and a Superduy bumper.

  • Diamond plate steel 
  • Air vents give cooling options
  • Laser cut American steel gives precision finish
  • Comes with receiver hitch
  • Clevis mounts
  • LED lights

With these excellent features on both these featured bumpers  drivers will have peace of mind while driving on the road or off road. You can also expect diamond plated steel that will not weigh a lot, so your truck will still be nice and light to drive. There is always a space for a winch. 

Best Aftermarket Bumpers in 2021 

When we are talking about some of the finest aftermarket bumpers on sale in 2021, the two mentioned above are the most ideal. With the Ranch Hand and Superduty being extremely popular. To name a few more bumpers that are worth a look, you could take some time to look at the Road Armor. This bumper is built from A36 descaled premium steel. It is made with such material to avoid corrosion. 

Final Thoughts

When you come to buy an aftermarket bumper you have lots of great choices on the market in 2021. You must consider some things as we have stated in this article. If you are looking for a reliable, durable bumper, the Ranch Hand and Superduty bumper are two first class picks.