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What Are Aggregator Websites and What Benefits They Have?

Content aggregator websites are becoming more and more popular. We take advantage of them in many ways: when we want to buy a smartphone, find a cheap plane ticket, or rent a car for an upcoming trip. 

Imagine that you are going on a family journey to the heart of Nevada want to find a minivan rental Las Vegas. The website aggregator will do everything for you. It will collect information from all available car rental companies and allow you to choose the best deal. 

Indeed, it’s much more convenient to use a single large platform. You can view offers from different sellers, sort them by price or other parameters, read reviews, and compare prices. That’s why aggregator websites today are a perfect way to find or buy something. 

Now let’s take a look at what benefits you get from aggregator sites and where else you can use them.

What are the reasons for the popularity of aggregator websites?

Until recently, volume and uniqueness were considered to be the main criteria for high-quality content. Content managers spent days and nights looking for new topics and solutions, then copywriters created long and informative texts with good topic coverage. It took a lot of time to prepare the materials. 

Today the speed of life has increased. Major portals are constantly fighting for the right to be the first to publish hot news. People won’t read the same thing twice. Therefore, content aggregators appeared precisely for quick access to fresh data. They make it possible to collect all the information the user needs in one place.

How do you benefit from content aggregator websites?

The amount of information has been growing exponentially over the past decade. Ordinary people are easily lost in such volumes. According to statistics, the user spends one-fifth of the time searching for information and two-fifths searching for familiar information again. 

Content aggregators make it easier to find and organize information for convenient understanding. In addition, many of them are personalized and provide personalized information to different users.

What other benefits do you get from aggregators?

  • Saving. Often online magazines and newspapers only provide content with a paid subscription. You can often find it on the aggregator website for free; 
  • Reducing the time spent searching for information; 
  • Systematization for more convenient use and understanding of information.

How do aggregator websites work? 

Aggregators most often use special software products called web-crawlers or spiders. They scan resources with the necessary topics and then provide information from all sources on one page. This model of interaction between the seller and the consumer allows choosing the best offer in real-time. 

Depending on the focus of the service, you can get a range of services in one window. For example, provides not only hotel rooms, but also car rental, and air tickets. 

Most of the services check the reliability of partners and guarantee the quality of services. The ranking and rating system gives additional opportunities for making the right choice. 

What are the main types of aggregator websites?

In general, there are broadly and narrowly profiled resources but almost all of them differ in the type of content they collect:

News aggregators 

They collect the latest news and divide them into sections. News aggregators make the main profit on advertising. Their major attraction is the rapid emergence of fresh news and unique, shocking, and interesting news. It’s quite rare for such resources to publish their articles, in most cases, they take them from the feeds of news agencies, news sites, major media, blogs, and social networks. The weak point for promoting news aggregators is the lack of unique content. 

Product aggregators 

This type collects content related to products from online stores. It allows you to compare prices and divides products into topics. It’s very convenient to search for a specific product through such a website. The aggregator will display all offers, rank them by price and other parameters, and show reviews about them. Such sites earn on advertising from the stores themselves, which seek to stand out from the dozens of competitors’ offers. 

Discount aggregator 

Aggregator site collects special offers from all over the internet. These are coupons, promotions, sales, or discounts. As a result, the aggregator gets money for the coupon, the advertiser gets customers, and the user spends less money. All three sides are winning. 

Ticket aggregators 

You often try to save money on flights or find the cheapest tickets by catching special offers. Ticket aggregators help you choose the best and cheapest ticket for all kinds of transport. The aggregator site helps to track prices quickly and always choose the best offer. Ticket aggregators also have their own ad revenue. After all, besides tickets, travelers need hotels, taxis, and many other services. 

Service aggregators 

Freelancers, repairmen, trainers, dog sitters, nannies, housekeepers, lawyers – all offer their services through aggregator sites. They help the customer and the service provider to find each other.

Content aggregator websites: Why use them?

  • High-quality information for customers. In fact, aggregators often provide more complete and objective information about the seller or service provider than the website of the company itself. Plus, you can see full information about the product/service, including description, photo, and even reviews. 
  • Powerful search across a huge database. For example, through the aggregator, you can find any color, size, and style of clothing from many suppliers at once. 

Convenient ratings and sorting. You can search for products, specialists, companies and sort them by using a variety of filters.