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What Are Basic Rules to Win Mahjong 247 Game Online

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Mahjong or Mah-Jongg is is a game played by four players that requires skill as well as luck. It came into American players in United States in the 1920s when Joesph Park Babcock published “Rules of Mah-Jongg.” Here are the rules for American Mahjong, which differs somewhat with its Asian predecessor. American mahjong game employs racks, jokers, and a variety of other strategies of game. The goal is that the winner is the one to match 14 tiles and announce “Mahjong.”

Wind Indicators

They are used to show which direction the wind is currently blowing the player who started the round. They are not necessary for playing.

Scoring Coins or Scoring Sticks

These tools can be utilized to track the score. If it’s coins or sticks, players can assign them points. They are not needed for games.

Racks & Pushers

Every player has racks to store their tiles when playing. Pushers can be used to move racks in play, but without showing the tiles.


The game makes use of two dice to determine the location for the dealer (East) and also to determine the best place to go in order to break through the walls (discussed in the next section).

Score Cards

Hands scored by players are on the basis of information gathered by the National Mahjong League. They are updated every year and can be considered a guide for building hands.


Every player takes the rack and puts it on top of them. The tiles are scattered across the racks. The players construct the wall by creating an array of tiles in the middle of their racks. The wall measures 19 tiles tall and 2 tiles high. wide. The wall is built using each tile. Once the wall is constructed, the players need to decide who is the East or that of the dealer. The players alternate rolling the dice. The player with the highest number first will be East. The person to the left to the left of East is South first, following that, West and then North. Then, Breaking the Wall occurs. The person who will be East plays the dice. Based upon the roll they make; they take the tiles that are in front of them from left to right before breaking the wall. For instance, East rolls a six. Then, East will separate a set of six tiles (by two tiles high) from the right-hand side of the wall to the left of them. Following that, East takes four tiles (two tiles from the top row and two tiles from lower row).

The wall that is broken can be smashed to the left. The players alternate picking four tiles from their hands until they have 12 tiles. When everyone has 12 tiles East, or the dealer picks two additional tiles. These tiles are taken from the third and first tiles in the upper row. The others take one tile from the bottom. South is the one to grab the first lower tile. North takes the next bottom tile and West takes the top tile.

East contains 14 tiles while all the other players have 13 tiles.


Hands are depicted on the score card by numbers or letters in green, red, or blue. The colors don’t correspond to specific suits but instead indicate that different suits are utilized. Zeros and flowers do not belong found in suits; they have always been blue.

1-9Number in the tile (does do not contain flowers)

N, S, E, W: North, South, East, West

D: Dragon

R: Red Dragon

G: Green Dragon

0: White Dragon (Soap, Zeros)

F: Flower


Score cards are classified in categories:

Year Patterns which create the year. For instance, 2017, could be composed of 2s 1s, 0s, and 7s.

2468Patterns that have even-numbered tiles

Change-up: Varies

Quints Hands which contain at least one quint, with one tile for jokers. Quints are five identical tiles.

The Runs Patterns which contain sequentially numbering tiles.

13579Patterns that contain only odd numbers of tiles.

Winds-Dragons Patterns which make use of dragon and wind tiles.

Singles and pairs: Patterns with single tiles as well as pairs of tiles.

Hand Combinations

Two tiles:2 of the same tiles

Pung3 similar tiles

Kong4 similar tiles

Quint5 identical tiles you can use the joker

Sextet6 identical tiles make use of an improv

Hands may also be also Xor visible or exposed or hidden. This is for betting and scoring.