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What are the Best Sourcing Tools for Recruiters?

It is no secret that the recruiting executive assistant staffing process is quite challenging. Yet, it is as essential as it’s difficult. Various studies indicate the implications of a bad hire, and as a recruiter, it is critical to your performance and your organization’s success. Thus, it is crucial to dig the well before you become thirsty. This means you should create a pool of talented applicants even before they are needed. 

Thankfully, several tools are at your disposal to help source suitable candidates. An excellent sourcing tool can strengthen your recruiting arsenal. Here are some best sourcing tools for recruiters you should check out; 

  • LinkedIn
  • Talentprise
  • AngelList Talent
  • Hired
  • Jobvite
  • Slack


It is hard to imagine today’s recruiting without LinkedIn, with over 800 million users. Getting the best Talent Acquisition Software for recruiting is necessary for high-quality sourcing. For the past twenty years, LinkedIn has helped recruiters upgrade from the local community to the global community, where they can access unique talents from all parts of the world. Presently, LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries worldwide.

As a recruiter, your access to this large workforce pool is an excellent opportunity for you to engage in some sourcing techniques like passive hiring, for instance. However, you must know that this large pool of users requires filtering through applicants carefully to prevent spam accounts and unqualified employees.


This is a great platform for organizations that seek to source highly skilled talent. Often, you are willing to create AI-headhunters that are responsible for searching and delivering top matching candidates of your persona. The process is simple, efficient and effortless. Talentprise deployed artificial intelligence in recruitment to enable recruiters to find top candidates in no time.  

A significant benefit of this platform is the registration process that prevents bots and fake accounts from filling the pool with spam. This means candidates had gone through pre-filtering, screening and assessment procedures when you accessed them.

AngelList Talent

Recruiters hardly use this platform. AngelList is full of a quality workforce and serves as an excellent alternative to LinkedIn. It is used mainly by savvy recruiters willing to expand their network.

On AngelList, as a recruiter, you’re required to post a job listing to hunt for candidates. Doing this opens you to the large pool, with many options and filters to be specific about your search.

The platform’s goal is to attract only motivated candidates searching for jobs; hence, recruiters consider the talent pool here more active than the rest. However, one thing to take note of is that AngelList focuses mainly on tech, remote, and start-up jobs because it’s an extensive part of AngelList Ventures, which enables willing investors to invest in startups.


This platform offers a solution based on a top-of-the-line candidate search algorithm that saves you time and helps you discover the perfect candidates. The issue with more extensive sourcing tools is that you might feel like one out of countless candidates when you need to find extra support, unlike Hired, which provides the necessary support for organizations seeking to utilize their platform. Hired markets itself as more than just a website because they show a focus on a team that’s actively supporting and helping your organization to grow.

Recruiters who use this platform love its particular attention to customer service and support and the extra attention paid to clients.


Jobvite is an emerging tool that makes you navigate through your recruitment pool. If you are sourcing a workforce pool with little setup, then this is the right place for you.

Recruiters using Jobvite love it for its highly customizable and straightforward interface. For technical setup, it takes only a bit of work for your results to become apparent immediately. Often, users are satisfied with the results.


You thought Slack was only a messaging app for internal communication in an organization? You thought wrong! Many recruiters using this platform have discovered ways to integrate and source new workforce pools on this platform, only with some minor searching and tweaks. You can post job ads in any of its hundreds of communities and find suitable candidates for your business. Also, familiarity with Slack makes it easy for recruiters to integrate their potential workforce without hassle. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all of these various sourcing tools at your disposal, easing your access to several unique talents across the globe, you can explore the options in your search for the perfect candidates to fill the vacant positions in your organization.