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What are the Different Types of Door Locks?

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Door lock  act as frontline defenders in the realm of security, ensuring our safety and peace of mind. However, looking for a right door lock that fits your needs among the abundance of options available in the market can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll learn about different door locks that can suit your specific needs and preferences.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are primarily best fit for interior doors due to their vulnerability to forced entry. They have a cupboard door handles on both the side of the door and a built-in locking system. 

In addition to their features, these door locks also offer both single-cylinder and double-cylinder locking systems for interior doors. However, they may not come in the category of the most secure locks as they can break off the knots with the use of any heavy object, for example a hammer. Therefore, it is always preferred to use them where high-level security is not a primary concern.


Padlocks are one of the most used types of lock. It comes in various sizes, but the shape of the lock is rectangle or square with a U-shaped bar. One end of the lock bar remains in the lock while another bar end is free to position, but they move up and down when locking or unlocking the door lock.

These door locks come in two basic varieties: the combination padlock and the keypad lock. With the combination, one can set up several dials for opening the door lock without carrying the key or lock and for key padlocks, a specific lock key is given for opening the door lock. This padlock is the simplest and easiest lock variant among the different locks, usually a perfect fit for cabinets, house doors and office doors.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are simple yet highly effective locks that come intersected into a wooden door.  They can only be opened by a right key or handle  making it more resistant to forced entry.

With two-tier security, they are always designed for a door that is combined with a lever lock or door knob lock.They are commonly used on the exterior doors of residential properties to provide extra security.

Lever-handle door locks

Lever-handle door locks are a popular choice to use for internal doors in homes and companies. They are mostly used in commercial places such as offices, stores, and shop cabinets.

This type of lock includes a sizable pushdown handle that works to open and close the locks. Although the lever handle lock is not suitable for the main gate or exterior door, it is suitable for the bathroom door lock and bedroom door.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are digital technology door locks that use a PIN code card to unlock the door. They are infused with features like keyless entry, temporary access codes, and real-time notifications. It is a highly simplified version of a traditional door lock that only requires a key to turn on a cam using a rotating camera to lock or unlock the door. They can be found in cabinets, vending machines and mailboxes, desks or display cases to prevent unauthorised access.

But you need to be careful while using this digital style lock system because once you enter the room and forget the PIN code or type too many wrong passwords to open the door, then it raises a problem. Some cam locks are also known as digital locks and are available in 3 different types in the market – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.

Chain locks

Chain Lock is like a safety belt for your door. As the name suggests, it consists of a chain and a holder that is attached to the door. The chain is connected to the holder and is used to secure the door in a partially open position.

The chain lock is mostly used in conjunction with a main door lock, such as a deadbolt. It is put on the inside of the door, allowing the person inside the building to open the door a little to see who is outside without fully opening it.

Mortice door locks

Mortice door locks are attached and fixed inside the door and that looks like a long metal piece has been extended. They are generally used for large commercial doors, fancy buildings, or glass doors.

Mortice locks are more strong and resistant to tampering compared to surface-mounted locks.They are hard to break in due to its intricate structure and system, however someone can totally use a plastic card like a credit card to unlock the door when by chance you do not fully close the latch.

Barrel Bolt Locks

Barrel bolt lock falls under the category of traditional door locking system. The lock has a sliding bolt that has 2 parts that help to lock and unlock the door. This barrel bolt lock gives additional indoor security and is mostly used in residential and public bathroom doors. It can also be installed on electricity and gas metres, cabinets and field devices.

The working principle of barrel lock is quite different from the one of regular locks. The hole of the key is circular, and the locking system can be activated either with a screw-type key or a key-shaped key.

Multipoint locks

Multipoint locks are the newest kitchen door handles  in the market and became famous due to their additional security and safety for main large-size gates or doors. They are a perfect fit for French doors, UPVC doors, patio doors and composite doors.

Multipoint locks use three deadbolts better than standard locking systems which only have one deadbolt. However, installing these locks is more complex and can be hard to maintain.