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What are the Necessary Features of a Taxi Application?

There are certain features that should be included in the app’s feature list to meet the standards of the industry.

For a taxi app development company, it’s important to do a bit of user research, and learn about the dynamics of an application’s overall performance to compete with competitors.

For example, when you look for an Ecommerce store, there are certain things that it should include like;

Order placement, order confirmation email, product discovery, product searches, etc. These are a few of the most important features for any Ecommerce store that should stick to the core functionalities.

In this blog, we are going to discuss ‌ taxi app features and its correspondence about the target audience.

Are you ready to explore it ‌with us?

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Necessary features for a taxi application – A Detailed Guide For The App Developers

In this section, we are going to discover the most amazing, and necessary features for a taxi application.

But first, let’s discuss about its core users;

  1. Driver
  2. Admin panel
  3. Customer

These are three of the most important stakeholders for ‌taxi applications. So, we will discover the features for this application one by one:

For the customers (passengers)

      User registration: the first and most important feature for the taxi application is “registration panel” where the users will create accounts, and sign in using their username, email addresses, and phone numbers.

      Booking a ride: Another most important feature for a taxi application is to allow users book rides based on their current location, and enter the destination.

      Tracking of the ride: Another most important feature for the application is to have “real time tracking” of the ride so they can share it with their friends who could track their overall journey through their phones.

      Entering estimated fare: Whenever you start looking for a ride, it’s necessary to get an “estimated fare” offered by different drivers. The one that you think is suitable should be accepted. Most applications don’t include the “customization” feature.

      Payment Integration: The other most interesting feature for a taxi application is to allow a secure payment gateway that allows passengers to do online payment through paypal or any other payment module.

      Ride History Check: Most of the time, customers fear keeping a track of their past rides. So, the taxi application should include the “ride history check” feature that enables them to keep a check on the rides.

      Rating and Ride’s Review: For a customer, it’s really important to view the rating, and the ride’s overall feedback from the past passenger to get an idea about the ride. Sometimes, some drivers don’t have a good history check, therefore, they never get the rides.

      Notification panel: The taxi application should allow the users to send and receive notifications to the passengers regarding the ride confirmation, driver’s arrival at the destination, payment success status, and other promotional offers.

      Support and Help Center: Lastly, the taxi application should include the support service where most of the queries are answered through FAQs. These FAQs help the customers to make the right decision, and get instant solutions. However, still, if they don’t find some, then they can connect directly with the helping authorities.

Henceforth, these were most of the interesting features for a “passenger” panel that a taxi application should include.

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For Drivers:

In this section, we are going to list down the amazing features that should be included in the taxi applications driver panel. You might find it boring, but it’s interesting for the app developers who’re working on a similar project.

  Driver Registration: Just like the passenger, the taxi application should include the driver’s registration panel where they get the credentials to login to the application using their email address, phone number, and other necessary details.

  Ride Requests View: The next most interesting and worthy feature for a taxi application is ride request notification, where the drivers get the ride requests, and they can accept it if they find the ride practical.

  Navigational Activity: It’s necessary for the taxi application to have GPS integration that provides drivers with instant navigation throughout the routes.

  Ride’s Payment: The next most important feature for the taxi application is to view the earnings, and track the payment once a ride is completed.

  Driver’s rating and feedback: This feature allows the passengers to rate the drivers after the ride is completed.

  Driver’s availability feature: In this feature, the drivers can show themselves available for the rider, and offline if they’re off duty.

  Driver’s document management: It’s one of the most important features that is included in the registration panel.

  Emergency assistance button: The taxi application should include the emergency assistance features that will include a panic button to directly access emergency situations in case of any accidents, or safety situations.

Lastly, we’re going to discuss the admin panel features:

Admin Panel

      Dashboard: the first feature for the admin panel is to include a dashboard that allows them to have a holistic view on the driver’s and passenger’s activities.

      User management: This feature enables the administrators to manage user accounts, and allow users to create new profiles.

      Driver management: This feature allows users to onboard and verify new drivers that are approved based on the documents uploaded on the dashboard.

      Ride management: Through this feature, the admin will manage the rides throughout the activities like resolving ride-related issues and other disputes.

      Fare management: You can set and manage fare rates, pricing models, and other discounts through the fare management panel.

      Analytics: A travel app development company should include the analytics and reporting feature that provide analytics like booking, revenues, user feedback, and driver performance throughout the month or quarter.

  Feedback Panel: Lastly, the driver application will allow you to manage passenger and driver feedback, ratings, and other reviews to maintain service quality, and address any other kind of concerns.

Wrapping Up – Your Next Taxi App Development Is On The Way

We hope you enjoyed reading about the interesting features of taxi applications considering all the panels. Whereas, for the passengers, it’s important to use and use all the features to stay updated with the industry standards. Stay updated with the blogs, as we are going to discover more interesting facts about relevant applications in upcoming blogs.

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