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What Attracts Moths And How Do Professionals Get Rid Of Them? 

Moths are common in humid areas where they get favourable conditions to survive. They contaminate a place with their presence and threaten health and property. They are not pleasant to be around as they annoy with their constant flying around the spot, making it difficult to ignore them. 

The Professional Moth Control in Adelaide helps eliminate moths and their infestation that may last long if not removed on time. You should not only think of ways to remove them but also consider why they get attracted to the premises in the first place. 

Many reasons attract moths, and you should get rid of them to eliminate them. Let’s find out what those reasons are and how to eliminate moths. 

What Attracts Moths?
Moths breed in dark and humid areas as they survive in those areas. Extreme heat and cold conditions are unfavourable for them. The Pest Control Adelaide Experts have spotted and listed areas more prone to moth infestations. These spots are susceptible to getting moths hovering around in a short time. Some of the reasons that get attracted to these areas are:

  • Source Of Light 

Light bulbs and LED lights attract various bugs and insects. One of them is moths. Moths get attracted to light and its source, making the premises infested with their spread. You may often spot moths in your balconies, near your outdoor lights and more because of this reason. 

  • Fabric 

Fabric in the cabinets and old clothes attract moths as it is their food source and breeding space. They love to stay inside your cabinets and trunks because of the fabric. Moths are also attracted to wool clothing and any fibre saved in closets. 

  • Dark And Humid Corners 

Dark corners are the hub for moths. They come, stay and breed there. They survive and multiply in dark corners of the house where there is humidity too. Old cabinets in the bathrooms and trunks attract moths. 

  • Stored Food 

Moths and their larvae can contaminate stored food in containers and jars. They get attracted to stale edible items and some plants, which are their food source. You should remember to store food in a tight container that does not draw any bugs or moths. 

  • Shelter To Breed 

Wherever moths get a place to shelter and breed, they find their spot. They breed in those areas and stay in the space to take shelter and survive. A damp environment may be ideal for moths to produce and stay for a long time. 

The Professional Moth Control in Adelaide helps keep the premises clean and dry to prevent moths. If you get infested by moths on your property, call 0480028357 professionals to help you. They have measures to get rid of them. Some of them are listed below. 

How To Get Rid Of Moths Professionally? 

Moths need to be identified early and eliminated as soon as possible. They spread rapidly and, in a short period, infest the whole area with their annoying presence. 

To get rid of moths professionally, follow the advice of Pest Control Adelaide experts and prevent their infestation and spread. 

  • Clean And Vacuum 

Keeping the premises clean and regularly vacuuming helps keep pests like moths away for a long time. Regularly maintaining your property dry and free from filthy conditions can prevent any infestation that can damage your premises. Pests come to damp spots and, like moths, breed there. They will stay for a long time if your property supports favourable conditions. 

  • Cedarwood And Cedarwood Oil 

Cedarwood is one of the best ways to keep moths away. Moths have an aversion to their smell. Cedarwood sticks in closed cabinets and corners can keep moth infestation at bay. Cedar oil also serves to be a good moth repellent. You can spray cedarwood oil on all the clothes and hangers inside your cabinets to keep moths away.  

  • Essential Oils 

Some essential oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Clove bud oil are good pest repellants. Moths do not like the smell of these oils that help in keeping these insects away for a long time. You need to mix these oils with water in a spray bottle and spray the solution to the infested areas and areas that may have a chance of moth infestation, like trunks, cabinets and more. The smell of these will help keep pests away. 

  • Moth Traps 

Moth traps are also helpful in trapping moths and preventing them from flying around. You can also use mesh and nets to stop their hovering inside the houses. You can use moth traps and sticky sheets to trap moths and can get rid of them afterwards. 

  • White Vinegar Solution 

White vinegar solution with water helps clean the space with a moth infestation. White vinegar also helps in keeping moth larvae away. You can mop the area with white vinegar to ensure no moths are around there again 

  • Heat And Cold Treatment 

Heat and cold conditions are not favourable for the moth and its larvae. The heat and cold treatments create the temperature and atmosphere where moths and their larvae cannot survive. This helps in more permanent relief from moths. You can freeze or heat treat the moth-infested clothes and things to get immediate results. 

  • Mothballs 

Mothballs are effective and one of the most widely used solutions for moth treatment. Putting these around closed cabinets help keep moths away. Moths don’t bear the smell and leave the place where they are kept. 

Moths are unsuitable, but some favourable conditions lead them to stay for a long time. They are flying insects that cause damage to expensive belongings and property. They also spread infestation and are allergic to many patients having respiratory issues.  

You should hire a professional Pestico Pest Control Adelaide expert to have a solution to all the moth infestation problems you face. Often it is seen when the spread gets challenging to remove, that’s where professionals step in and do the work for you,  

Hire only professional pest controllers to get rid of moths and keep your clothes and belongings safe.