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What Can I Use As A Candle Stick Holder? 

Candle Sticks cannot stand on their own without causing a mishap. This is why candles that are lit must stand on the candlestick holders. There’s no religious candle stick holder per se as there are a whole lot of things that can be used as a candle stick holder. 

The importance of candle stick holders can never be overemphasized. The basic benefit of candle holders is that they support candles. It also helps to save homes from an accident which is result from spills from candle falls. 

There are so many things that can be used as candle stick holders. This article helps to discuss several materials which could be used in place of a candle stick holder. 

Ensure you read to the end to find out what else you could use as a candlestick holder. 

7 Things To Use As Candlestick Holder 

The following are 7 things that you can use as a candlestick holder. They work perfectly for both indoor and outdoor candle lighting. 

1. Glass Cups 

Glass Cups are a good alternative for candlesticks. They don’t just do the work of a candlestick, they also give a luminous sight of the burning candle. However, a standard drinking glass is not made to stand the heat of most candles. This could result in the shatter of the glass cup. 

To be on the safer side, only use a glass cup that resists heat. Such glass-like votive holders will be perfect because they are made to hold votive candles. Votive holders are thicker than normal glass. They, therefore, stop the glass from breaking even if the candle stems fall into the glass itself.

2. Wood Block 

Wood block is another material that can be used in place of a candlestick holder. One good thing about this material is that you can create a wood design of your choice as a candle holder. Secondly, unlike the glass cup, there won’t be an overheating of the wood except if some spills of wax fall on the wood. 

It is therefore advisable that you fill the inside of the wooden box with sand or another material that can hold the candle. Then make a little hole space on which the candle will stand. This will help prevent the spillage of wax on the wood and therefore prevent a mishap. 

Using the wood block as a candle stick holder is useful both as a candle holder and decorative material. It can be used as a centerpiece for wedding tables, check for more information about wedding centerpieces at Nuptio

Next time you are thinking about what to use as a candlestick holder, add a wooden box to the plan. 

3. Saucer 

Saucers are also a good material to use as a candlestick holder. It’s very simple to use and does not necessarily cost a fortune. You can even convert one of your saucers at home to become your candlestick holder. It’s however important to note that it is better to use saucers that are not too deep as candlestick holders. 

Simply use a flat saucer and ensure that the candle is stuck to the saucer by spilling a little of the candle wax on the saucer and then luing the base of the candle on the spilled candle wax. We strongly advise against the use of ceramic saucers as candle holders. They get overheated and cause a mishap in your home. 

4. Spoon 

Are you surprised? Yes,  spoons can also be used as candlestick holders. This is improvisation at its peak. So now you know that your spoons are not only for eating, they could serve another usefulness as candlestick holders. 

A perfect try for this is a DIY plastic spoon that you can easily create for yourself. You could also use your metal spoons but you will have to find a way to balance the handle to avoid spilling the candle and causing an accident.  You can try out the DIY plastic spoon candle holder project. Try creating it by yourself. You will be amazed at the finished result. 

5. Wires 

This is another great substitute for a candleholder. It is a super creative option for candle holders. If you have a durable and bendable wire, Good news! You can easily bend it to any shape or style to use as a candle holder.

6. Bottles 

Bottles can also be used as candle stick holders. To do this is pretty easy. Check when your candle is firm in the bottle and won’t fall out, then you can go ahead and light it. You will notice that wax will drip down the side of the bottle and possibly onto the surface it’s sitting on. This is the disadvantage of using a bottle to hold candlesticks. 

7. Concrete 

This is almost a traditional ancient way of holding candlesticks. The ancient people would simply find a piece of pavement and stick their candles on the pavement. It is a great way of holding candlesticks especially when there is an urgent need to make the candle stand. 


You can see that there is no cause for alarm if you have not got some candle holders or if you forgot to buy one. You can simply improvise and get yourself a candlestick holder in a matter of minutes. We believe that this article has been of great help to you in knowing things you can use as candlestick holders. 

We would like to know what things you have used as candlestick holders in the past. Also if you have used any of the ones discussed above, you can drop reviews in the comment session.