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What Changes Will Elon Musk Make to Twitter?

Twitter has recently agreed to allow Elon Musk to acquire the site for $44 billion. Since Musk began expressing interest in buying the platform, he has stated his visions for the changes he will make to the site. Some users are worried about the ways the site will potentially transform, while others are looking forward to the changes he is promising as they feel they will significantly improve their experience on the app. 

If you are a Twitter user, you might be wondering what Musk’s acquisition of the site could mean for you. Here’s what he’s stated he will change so far. 

Edit Button

One of the most useful changes Musk intends to make on the platform is adding an “edit” button for tweets – a feature many users have been calling for since the site was invented. Musk states that this would allow users to edit their tweets for a certain amount of time after their initial posting, and editing content would zero out the number of likes and retweets it received pre-edit. 

Longer Tweets

Musk has been a longtime critic of Twitter’s character limit, which is currently 240 but was 180 for the first decade the site was running. Musk thinks that allowing users to write longer tweets will improve their experience on the sitet and improve the quality of information that is being shared on the platform, but many users feel that this will worsen their experience as a short character limit is pone of the things that sets Twitter apart from other social media sites. 

Spam Bots

While Twitter has attempted to crack down on spam bots in recent years, Musk has stated that it is his goal to completely eradicate them by providing more thorough authentication for the site’s human users. Musk wants to further improve the quality of information that is being shared on TTwitter by ensuring that it is all coming from real people, not bots. 

Open Source Algorithm

Musk wants to prevent users’ feeds from becoming an echochamber of information by creating an open source algorithm that would allow users to see tweets from a variety of different sources on their feeds. While this could help prevent the spread of misinformation and allow users to see different viewpoints on some issues, it could also lead to a less enjoyable experience for some users –  someone who primarily follows music journalists might not want to see unfiltered tweets from a clinic like ThriveMD if they aren’t following them. 

Overall, Musk has a lot of ideas for how to change and improve Twitter. While his changes are likely to upset some users, they might improve the platform for others.