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What Courses Should CISM Certification Training Learn?

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CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) CISM certification is designed for information security managers and professionals responsible for information security management. It ensures that the certified personnel delivered to senior management have the expertise of effective security management and consultation. The certification is business oriented, focusing on information risk management, while theoretically considering management, design and technical security issues. At present, more than 10,000 professionals in the world have passed CISM certification, and more than 200 people in China have obtained this certification. CISM is unique in the information security certification market because it is designed for people with experience in information security project management. Since its launch in 2002, CISM has become a globally recognized symbol of excellence in information security. Now more than 18,000 professionals have obtained this certification. CISM certification continues to be recognized by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ISO17024, and is also selected as one of the top five information security certification in 2012. What are the contents of CISM certification training courses? Next, I’ll sort it out for you.

CISM certification training content:

Information security supervision (24%)

Establish and maintain the regulatory framework and supporting process of information security to ensure that the information security strategy is consistent with the organization’s objectives, and properly manage information risks and project resources;

Information risk management and compliance (33%)

Manage information risk to an acceptable level to meet business and organizational requirements;

Information security program development and management (25%)

Establish and manage information security plan to make it consistent with information security strategy;

Information security incident management (18%)

Investigate, investigate, deal with and recover information security incidents to minimize their impact on business.
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