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What Cryptos Can I Wager at ? 120+ Cryptocurrencies

You can wager with a staggering array of over 120 cryptocurrencies at BTC casinos currently, paving the way for a flexible and inclusive online gambling environment. 

Pioneering this extensive crypto adoption, distinguished casinos like Bovada and Ignition provide platforms where varied digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, aren’t just accepted; they’re celebrated with lucrative bonuses and a broad spectrum of betting markets. 

Whether exploring Bovada’s 1,000+ markets or reveling in Ignition’s high-roller friendly environment, the vast crypto options promise an enriched, seamless betting experience. 

Intrigued by the potential of amplifying your betting journey with crypto? Let’s delve deeper into its captivating realm below!

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies Used in Online Casinos

When you explore the digital vaults of cryptocurrency betting, a wealth of options unfolds before you. Casinos have embraced a multitude of cryptocurrencies, offering players an expansive selection to choose from.

  • Bitcoin (BTC): Often the flagship crypto of most online casinos.
  • Ethereum (ETH): Recognized for its smart contract functionality.
  • Litecoin (LTC): Valued for its faster transaction times.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Known for its scalability and lower transaction fees.
  • Tether (USDT): A stablecoin, often used to escape crypto market volatility.
  • Ripple (XRP): Noted for its digital payment protocol more than its cryptocurrency.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE): Gained popularity through social media and is welcomed at various online casinos.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some casinos astound with their offerings, accommodating over 120 different cryptocurrencies, thus ensuring that players can wager with almost any digital currency they possess.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cryptocurrency in Casinos

Embarking on a crypto gambling journey unveils numerous advantages, while also presenting a few challenges to navigate through.


  • Anonymity: Your personal information remains shielded, offering a degree of privacy during transactions.
  • Lower Fees: Typically, cryptocurrency transactions either have very low or no fees, maximizing your playable balance.
  • Rapid Transactions: Enjoy instant deposits and fast withdrawals, ensuring your treasures are accessed swiftly.
  • Promotional Offers: Casinos like Bovada and Ignition often offer lucrative bonuses for using cryptocurrencies, enhancing your betting budget generously.


  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies can be subject to dramatic price fluctuations, potentially affecting your wallet balance.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding how to use and manage cryptocurrencies might be daunting for some newcomers.

While the disadvantages might seem like deterrents, thorough knowledge and choosing distinguished casinos like Bovada and Ignition can navigate you through calmer waters, ensuring your gambling journey remains enjoyable and rewarding. 

It’s a world where the thrill of the gamble meets modern-day digital convenience, casting a unique, enthralling gaming experience. 

What do you Need to Wager Crypto at BTC Casinos?

Initiating your journey into crypto wagering involves a few easy steps, ensuring a smooth betting experience at BTC casinos, where an array of opportunities, bonuses, and exhilarating betting markets await.

Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Establishing a cryptocurrency wallet is the first step to ensure safe storage and transactions of your digital currencies.

  1. Choose a Wallet: Pick from hardware, software, mobile, or web wallets, considering your preference for convenience and security.
  2. Secure Your Wallet: Implement strong security measures such as a robust password, two-factor authentication, and safely store your recovery phrases.
  3. Obtain Your Address: Post-setup, your wallet will generate an address to facilitate transactions.

Acquiring Cryptocurrency

With a secure wallet, acquiring the cryptocurrency for betting becomes your next move.

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange: Opt for a platform that provides your desired cryptocurrency and is accessible in your region.
  2. Create an Account: Register, verify your identity as per the platform’s norms, and enhance account security.
  3. Purchase Crypto: Acquire your preferred cryptocurrency utilizing payment methods like bank transfers, credit cards, or other cryptocurrencies.
  4. Transfer to Wallet: Relocate your acquired crypto to your personal wallet for secure management and storage.

Making Deposits at BTC Casinos

Crypto in your wallet? Time to fund your casino account.

  1. Go to the Casino’s Banking Page: Locate and select the ‘Deposits’ or ‘Banking’ section.
  2. Opt for Cryptocurrency as Your Payment Method: Specify your preferred crypto, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  3. Enter Deposit Amount: Determine the amount you wish to deposit, respecting the casino’s deposit limits.
  4. Send the Funds: Utilize the casino’s wallet address to transmit funds from your wallet to your casino account.

Withdrawing Winnings

When fortune smiles and winnings accrue:

  1. Access the Withdrawal Section: Head to the ‘Withdraw’ or ‘Cashier’ page of the casino.
  2. Select Cryptocurrency for Withdrawal: Opt for your desired cryptocurrency and ensure your wallet is prepared to receive funds.
  3. Specify Withdrawal Amount: Input the amount you plan to withdraw, adhering to the casino’s withdrawal guidelines.
  4. Enter Your Wallet Address: Accurately provide your wallet address to ensure a seamless transaction.
  5. Confirm and Await: Validate your withdrawal request and wait for the funds to reflect in your wallet, typically expedited by using cryptocurrencies.

With these straightforward steps, the exciting world of crypto betting unveils itself, promising a secure and enhanced betting adventure at BTC casinos. 

Benefits of Playing at Crypto Casinos

Exploring the domain of crypto casinos, particularly notable platforms like Bovada and Ignition, opens up a realm of exclusive bonuses, extensive betting markets, and an array of additional perks. 

From assuring game fairness to delivering exciting innovations, the journey through crypto casinos introduces several benefits to players.

Provably Fair Games

Crypto casinos typically offer “provably fair” gaming, a feature that ensures transparency and fairness in every gaming outcome.

  • Transparency: Players can access algorithms, ensuring that game outcomes are entirely random.
  • Verification: The ability to verify each bet’s outcome ensures that results are random and not manipulated.

Anonymity and Security

Utilizing cryptocurrencies for your betting adventures provides a combination of anonymity and heightened security.

  • Protect Personal Details: Engaging in transactions without exposing significant personal details ensures your privacy.
  • Secure Transactions: Thanks to blockchain technology, each transaction is secure and safeguarded against tampering.

Faster payouts

One of the standout features of crypto casinos is the speed of transactions.

  • Instant Withdrawals: Cryptocurrencies facilitate rapid withdrawals, starkly contrasting with traditional methods that can take several days.
  • Quick Deposits: Almost immediate account crediting after making a deposit ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Exclusive Bonuses

Crypto casinos often lavish their players with exclusive bonuses, amplifying their gaming experiences.

  • Welcoming Offers: Generous crypto welcome bonuses, such as Bovada’s $3,750 and Ignition’s $3,000, provide a robust start.
  • Reload Bonuses: Ongoing players may encounter exclusive reload bonuses when replenishing their accounts with cryptocurrency.

Future Trends and Innovation

Navigating the future, crypto casinos continue to evolve, ushering in innovative experiences for every gaming session.

  • Smart Contract Betting: The adoption of smart contracts can automate and expedite betting outcomes and payouts.
  • NFT Incorporation: Integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) might introduce new gaming experiences and reward systems.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): The incorporation of AR and VR technologies can revolutionize the visual and interactive dynamics of online gaming.

Entering the vibrant universe of crypto casinos, players are met with a plethora of gaming options and exclusive bonuses, as well as a future teeming with innovative potential. 

Crypto Casinos That Pays The Most

Two casinos that consistently resonate with crypto gamblers, both in terms of reliability and hefty payouts, are Ignition and Bovada. When wandering through the expansive world of online betting, determining which online crypto casinos stand out in terms of payouts is pivotal. 

Let’s delve a bit deeper into why these two platforms have been dubbed as some of the finest venues for crypto wagering.


Known for catering to high-rollers with its massive withdrawal limits, especially via Bitcoin, Ignition also guarantees a thrilling yet secure gaming arena. 

Whether it’s the vast selection of over 250 meticulously chosen games, the allure of high-stake VIP blackjack tables, or the generous 300% up to $3,000 crypto welcome offer, Ignition addresses the desires of all sorts of players. 

Not forgetting the poker platform, which began its journey as a celebrated poker site, Ignition balances an exciting gaming environment with the assurance of significant payout capabilities, particularly through Bitcoin.


Bovada, as one of the world’s largest crypto casinos, merges an unparalleled selection of betting markets with enticing bonuses, such as the potential $3,750 casino bonus using the code “BTCCWB1250” over the first three deposits. 

With the capability to explore over 1,000 markets across 32 sports categories and an array of casino games, it’s a haven for diverse gambling interests. 

Besides its massive market offering, Bovada prides itself on secure and instant crypto payouts, ensuring that players have quick access to their winnings, accentuating its appeal as a prime choice for crypto wagering.

Conclusion: There Are More Than 120 Cryptos Accepted at BTC Casinos

Exploring the dynamic landscape of BTC casinos, players encounter a staggering variety of over 120 cryptocurrencies to wager, each unlocking unique betting and winning opportunities.

In this boundless digital playground, distinctive platforms like Bovada and Ignition emerge as exemplary, providing a meld of provably fair games, impeccable security, rapid payouts, and enticing bonuses. 

These casinos, with their assorted betting markets and generous bonus structures, underscore a rich and diversified gambling experience. But amidst the thrill and potential rewards, the essence of safer gambling must prevail. 

Engage in responsible betting, keeping it a source of entertainment rather than a necessity, ensuring every play remains within boundaries and continues to be a source of joy.

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