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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Projector

Projectors are getting popular day by day. It is widely used in offices, schools and homes. The reason behind its popularity is the quality and screen size. Nowadays, many of the manufacturing companies are competing in the market with their flagship models. But as a new buyer you have to know the relation between your selection and need.  Regardless if you’re buying for a home theater, school or office, you can find the best ones at If you are a newbie, then you may find your suitable one at a 200 dollar projector list. You can also check out one at projector finder. They will give you the taste of new features with a certain quality. Today we will discuss the things you have to know before buying a projector. Let’s have a quick view on it.

Common facts of Projectors

Before buying a projector, you should know some basic things like what kind of projector you need. What type it would be and which type of use you are going to make. Usually all the projectors into the market have two different making technologies Called DLP projector and LCD projector.

  • DLP projector:  This type of projector produces colors by a color wheel into it.
  • LCD projector: LCD projector is made of 3 chips. Which produce RGB colors and throw it on the projection screen.

Though LCD projectors have so many variants, it is most widely used technology now. The color source is easier to select because of its popularity into the market.

But the main complexity is which type of light source is needed by you. Usually the light source makes sure the kind of brightness, contrast and lamp type of the projectors. Which is directly involved with the quality of the projectors and its use.

Light source

Light source is related to projectors from its innovation. All the projectors must have a light source to make a projection. From the beginning the projectors are supplied with UHP light source. But now the technology has changed a lot. Nowadays you would find 4 more types of light source. They are Xenon, LED hybrid, LED, and laser. All of them are better for use.


Xenon light source is a better alternative to UHP. Xenon lamps can produce well saturated images. But the lamp’s lifespan is short. The lamp needs to be changed after 1500 hours. As a result it requires frequent replacement of lamps. This type of projectors are commonly used in professional meetings.

LED source

LED light sources have brought a new era to the projectors life span. LED lamp source can produce more accurate images. The saturation is quite similar to the original images. The most interesting feature is its lifespan. The lamp can provide service for 10,000 hours. The lamp produces a minimum temperature, so it doesn’t have any heating or cooling phase. The projector can be turned on or off instantly.  The only thing you would notice is its limited brightness. LED light source projectors are quite expensive projectors.

Laser light source

Laser light source is the most updated light source. It has recovered all the failings of the LED light source. And nowadays most of the projectors are manufactured with Laser light source. Laser lamp projectors can produce more accurate images with consistent color saturation. And the life span is more than 15,000 hours. So there wouldn’t be any complexity of changing the lamp frequently.

Lumen and brightness

The light output is called lumen. Lumen ensures the brightness and contrast ration. And lumen directly has a deep relation with the image quality. Projectors manufactured with lower than 2000 lumens aren’t a good choice for use. As they aren’t able to produce a bright image. But for daily use you may move for 3000- 4000 lumens projectors. 3000+ lumen is able to produce HD images.

1000- 2000 lumen projectors are only good for dark viewing and not sufficient for daylight viewing. But above 2500+ lumens will provide a good brightness and contrast ratio.

Throwing distance

Before buying a projector you should have a clear concept of placing the projector into your home. Projector is not suitable for small rooms. It might require a large room to have a better feel. Projectors are of many types. As the most popular types are- Short thrower, distant thrower, overhead projector and table mount projector. 

All of them are related to placing the projector. If your room is small then you should go for a short thrower. Table mount projectors are losing their popularity. As the placing is a complex process and it requires a short throwing feature to have the proper image.


The resolution and pixel density defines the image quality. The pixel density ensures true color. A 4k projector has more picture density than any 1080p projector. If you wanna have a HD image then you should go for a 1080p projector. It will produce an accurate image. But lower than 720p will disappoint you.

Projector resolution is an important factor of a projector. Do Not compromise with the resolution otherwise it will make you have a bitter experience.


Before buying a projector you may analyze your home instruments and what kind of connections they allow. Modern projectors are supplied with wifi connectivity and HDMI port. As a backup input port they also provide a vga port. But the old output devices do not support HDMI or wifi connections.

So before buying any projector you may ensure what kind of input device do you have and what kind of connections do they allow. But it’s not a big deal nowadays. You would find some converter wire at a very cheap rate to make the proper connection.

Final words

There are so many projector manufacturers competing in the market and continuously they are producing new featured models. You wouldn’t face any problems to make the choice. But you should go for any renowned manufacturer. Because they are popular for their built quality. Do not run for only high budget products. Make the proper analysis before making the election. Wish you a happy shopping.