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What do When Headphones Are Not Working of an iPhone? 

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Headphones of your iPhone should work all the time because that’s what it is designed for. However, sometimes when you try to plug your headphone into an iPhone, it may not function properly, and that may make you wonder if there is something wrong with the headphone. But this is not the only reason; there could be many other reasons for the headphone to not work with an iPhone. 

Sometimes there could be software errors as well, which could be causing the problem. So, before you pay a visit to the nearest service center, it is better to rule out some of the underlying issues and try and figure out a few simple solutions. This post will tell you about the different reasons why the headphones are not working on an iPhone and what can be done to overcome the challenge. 

What Could Be the Reasons for the Headphones to Not Work of an iPhone? 

Well, there could be multiple reasons for this issue. One is the most apparent, which is your headphone is damaged and it can no longer be used, but apart from this common reason, here are some of the other valid reasons why a headphone may fail to work with an iPhone:

  • The headphone jack of the iPhone is dirty, which is not allowing the connection to happen seamlessly. 
  • The headphone jack may have moisture trapped inside. 
  • You are not using iPhone headphones. Instead, you are using non-branded and cheap-quality headphones. 
  • There are some glitches in the software of the iPhone. 

As you can see, there can be different reasons for the headphone not working on an iPhone issue. But no matter the reason for the error, there are a few things that you can try to get over this problem. But before trying all the solutions, do check whether the current headphone is broken or not. Then, use another headphone and see whether it is working or not. If it is, you won’t even have to go through the solutions; you will simply have to grab another Apple headphone that is working normally. 

Advanced Solution to Fix Headphones Not Working of an iPhone Issue

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Common Solutions to Fix the Headphones Not Working of an iPhone Issue

Solution 1: Clean the Headphone Jack of the iPhone 

You may carry an iPhone in your pockets or keep it in a place where it easily attracts dust and dirt. When dirt or dust accumulates inside the jack of an iPhone, it won’t let the connection happen between your headphones and iPhone. So, if the headphone was working fine yesterday and has suddenly stopped working or not working correctly, there is a massive chance that the headphone jack needs some cleaning. 

So, what you can do is take a mini vacuum cleaner that has an attached hose and place the hose opposite to the jack. Now, switch on the vacuum cleaner and let the vacuum cleaner clean the dirt and dust. However, if you can see there is lint stuck inside the headphone jack, take a toothpick and use it to remove the lint from the audio jack. Once cleaned, you should be able to use the headphone, but try the other solutions if it doesn’t. 

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone 

When the software suffers from minor glitches, it may also make some of the common functions stop working, and the same can be said about the headphones as well. When you restart your device, it will eliminate many glitches and allow your device to work normally. So, restart your iPhone and then check if you can use it or not. 

Restart Your iPhone 11, 12, 13, X, XS, and XR

Take your iPhone and hold the Volume Down along with the Side button together. Once you see the slider to power off appearing, you need to let go of the keys so that the iPhone shuts down. Allow the device to rest for some time. Once ready to restart, press the side button and when you see the Apple logo, let go of the side key. 

Restart Your iPhone SE 2nd Gen, 6, 7, and 8 

Take your iPhone and press the side button of your iPhone. When you see the power off slider appearing, drag the slider and let go of the side button. Let the device get turned off and wait for a few seconds. When ready to restart it, just press the side button again and wait for the Apple logo to appear. 

Restart Your iPhone SE 1st Gen, 5, and Earlier

Your iPhone has a button on the key; please press it for a few seconds, and when you see the power off slider appearing, drag the slider and let the iPhone get switched off. Once done, let it rest for a few seconds, and when you are ready to restart your iPhone, please press the top button again. 

Solution 3: Check Bluetooth Output 

If you are connecting your headphones via Bluetooth to play songs on your iPhone, there could be some issues with the Bluetooth setting. In this case, you can check whether audio is being sent out through Bluetooth or not. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Launch your iPhone and go to the Control Center option. 

Step 2: Once you are there, please click on the Bluetooth icon. If it is turned on, turn it off to disconnect your headphone connection from the iPhone. 

Step 3: Wait for some time and enable Bluetooth again. Now, try to connect the headphone with the iPhone and see if the headphone is working or not. 

Solution 4: Update the iOS 

There is a probability that you are using an old iOS version, which is not allowing some applications to function correctly, which includes your headphones. A lot of simple issues can be taken care of if you update the iOS, and if you have not updated the iOS, it is better to check if there is an update available and update the iOS. 

So, go to the Settings option, and once you are there, click on the General option. Then, click on the Software Update option and install the new software. Your iPhone will take some time to install the software, and once the software is updated, it will reboot itself. Once done, connect the headphone and check if you can listen to any songs or not. 

Solution 5: Check the AirPlay Output 

There may not be any issue with the headphone or with the iPhone. Instead, you may not be hearing any audio coming out of the headphone because the iPhone is sending the audio to another output. When you tried to plug in your headphone, your device may have failed to recognize the device. If there is an AirPlay-compatible device, the audio might have been sent to that device rather than the headphone. 

So, check whether your device is receiving audio from the iPhone or connected to an AirPlay device. To check, open the Control Center. Then, click the AirPlau button. This will show all the available output devices. You need to select the headphone option to start playing the audio through the headphone. Once you are done with the changes, your iPhone should play the audio through the headphone and not through other output devices. 

Solution 6: Reset all Settings 

If your headphone has stopped working after you update the OS, then there is a possibility that some of the settings may have been overridden. This is a common thing to happen, particularly in a customized setting. To take care of these changes, you can reset all the settings and take the iPhone back to its default setting, where the headphone worked perfectly. 

Once you reset all settings, it won’t affect the saved data, but recent customizations can be affected. Your iPhone will be back to square one but will indeed allow the device to work. So, to reset all settings, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open your iPhone and open the Settings option. 

Step 2: Go to the General option and click on the Reset option. 

Step 3: You need to tap on the option that says Reset all settings. 

Step 4: Enter your passcode when prompted and wait for some time for the iPhone to get reset. 

After all the steps are covered, your device will restart on its own, and now try to use a headphone and check whether you can hear any audio or not. 

Solution 7: Connect with Apple Customer Service 

If you have tried using another headphone and tried all the steps, there can be some system issues or technical issues with the iPhone, which only the Apple Customer Support team will be able to resolve. So, write to them, or take the iPhone to the nearest Apple center. 


These are some solutions that you can try to fix the headphones not working on an iPhone issue. 

The first way should be using Fixcon, it’s a powerful iOS system repair tool from StarzSoft, and it will fix any of your Apple device issue within a few minutes!

Try all of them, and if nothing works, then the final resort you will be left with is Apple customer service. But normally, the headphone not working issue shouldn’t be as severe as you may think. So, try out the solutions and check if any of the solutions work for you.