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What Do You Know About the Transactional Survey Template?

Customers’ satisfaction is the best parameter to check the performance of the Business Company or brand. Customers’ feedback is imperative to measure the loyalty, satisfaction of the customers. It is known that customers’ satisfaction is directly proportional to the company’s more sales and revenue.

Which survey can interact with the Customers’ Feedback?

Many survey templates are designed for various purposes to collect data and information from the customers. A Transactional Survey is the best tool to measure a customer’s satisfaction level. The survey investigates the customers’ experience or measures the customers’ feedback after the attachment or interaction with the company’s services. The interaction with the brand is known as a touchpoint. The customers give feedback and opinion about the services and the products in the form of the grating to detect compatibility and improve services.

Usually, customers interact with the company’s services after the transaction to express their comments and impressions about the brand.

How does Transactional Survey Work?

It’s essential to get a score about the services and the company’s products to analyze its quality, working efficiency, and performance and brand. The transactional survey involves a Net Promoter Score question to evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction to improve the services and efficiency.

The survey gets the results in the end and analyzes all the customers’ responses to make response data. In this way, a brand can boost its performance and provide better services to get maximum customer traffic. Transactional survey plays a vital role in defeating the competitors’ in the market by improving the services and features.

What is meant by Net Promoter Score?

It is a matrix index to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction to get customer experience with the brand or company. The survey scores are calculated by giving a single question with results being scored from -100 to +100 grading.  The company filters the results by detecting specific transactions like purchase type and location to analyze the final results.  The scores tell about the working performance of the company or brand.

Range of Net Promoter Score given to Respondents

Respondents get from 0 to 10, where 0 is referred to as not at all likely, and 10 is referred to as most likely company’s’ service. These ranges are divided into three segments:

  • Promoters

The respondents who give a score of 9 and 10 are called promoters and are considered the most loyal and satisfied customers.

  • Passives

The respondents who give a score of 7 to 8 are called Passives customers. The customers are not happy with your services in such grading.

  • Detractors 

The respondents who give a score of 0 to 6 are called detractors, and these customers are unsatisfied with the company’s services and the products.

How to Use this Transactional Survey?

The transactional survey is taken when transactions occur between the customers and the company. If someone buys something from your brand, then you can send a transactional survey for the first time and after at least 5th buying duration. This will ensure you capture crucial data points. To make sure you get accurate feedback, you must wait to send a transactional survey until the customer actually receives and uses the product.