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What Does An ERP Developer Do?

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Today the variety of business management tools is surely vast as modern businesses require modern solutions. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is one of the most widely used and effective business management tools that increase business productivity via workflow automation. 

Custom ERP can be integrated with various modules each of which is responsible for managing particular operations, and among them, we would like to highlight:

  • Finance management
  • HR management
  • Inventory management
  • Data analytics
  • Custom report generation
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • E-commerce
  • Supply chain management

ERP platform can be integrated into the organization of different industries and specifics like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, construction, education, etc. 

Generally, there are different types of ERPs – on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid. Among the popular ready-made ERP tools, cloud-based apps have the advantage as they provide collecting any amount of business data, save, analyze and report on its use. 

The flow of the custom ERP development

The key to the successful integration of custom ERP into your company workflows is selecting a reliable technical partner with extended experience in building ERP solutions for organizations of different industries. Our GBKSOFT development team has built and integrated numerous business automation tools for such industries as education, construction, retail, printing, and others. Here is the flow of the custom ERP development from scratch we follow in GBKSOFT:

  • Discovery stage – a mandatory step in the software development process to define the project goals, requirements and depict the plan of the following actions;
  • Select the needed ERP modules – meaning what processes your custom solution is willing to manage;
  • Prototype ( MVP) development to test the basic functionality of the solution before the next stage of the development process;
  • Coding and testing stages in order to check the solution feasibility and make changes if needed;
  • Integration – due to custom solution, this process will flow smoothly;
  • Maintenance as any type of software tool occasionally needs reviewing and improvements. 

The development team 

Custom ERP development engages the full team of developers in order to provide smooth integration of the solution into your company workflows – ERP from scratch as well as one of the ERP modules into your existing system. 

Above all, Scrum master is the person responsible for managing all processes during the development and communication between the teams and the client. For excellent project management, we use different project management tools to deliver high-grade services to our clients. 

We usually hold the communication via Slack, Google Meets, emails and our team is ready to adjust to your demands and choose any suitable kind of communication. Additionally, we create and assign tasks in the Jira app where our specialists also track the time spent on executing certain tasks. 

To build and integrate a custom ERP tool into your organization you also need to hire:

  • Business Analyst to define the project specifications;
  • Front-end, and back-end developers;
  • Designer to create an appropriate concept with innovative and intuitive UI;
  • Admin;
  • Tester to conduct full check-ups of the solution before the release to detect errors and fix them asap;
  • The maintenance team will always be ready to provide you with the support and perform the needed fixes after the implementation.

Cost of custom ERP development

Talking about the cost of custom ERP development, the price will not be low but custom software is a great investment into your business growth and capacity compared to the ready-one solutions. The cost of custom ERP development starts from $100000 and varies depending on the specifics requirements of your project.

How to choose a reliable tech partner?

To build a high-quality ERP solution, we would advise properly checking the experience and skill level of each specialist that will be engaged in your project development. You should consider the following tips:

  • Find out how long the chosen software development team is on the market, read the reviews and contact their previous clients if possible;
  • Check the skill level of the developers via their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc. to avoid Juniors in your team;
  • Learn about the industry and technical expertise of the chosen ERP development company to make sure they are familiar with the latest tech trends on the market and are able to implement them into your ERP solution if needed. 

At GBKSOFT, we focus on delivering top-notch custom software to our clients that 100% corresponds to their expectations and demands. Get in touch with our experts to discuss how your business can benefit from implementing a custom ERP system.