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What High-End Boosts in WoW Except Raid CarriesAre Worth It?

World of Warcraft is known for raids. Basically, it’s the apex activity that every self-respecting player wants to take part in. Or is it? In the first years of WoW it was so for sure and no other game mode came close. Well, perhaps the arena had its own share of fame but that wasn’t comparable to raids anyway. Starting with WotLK raids got various additions that made them more accessible. Cataclysm introduced the Raid Finder mode and now any player who’s reached the max level could participate in them. So the concept of the apex activity that only the elite few can enjoy disappeared. And then some years later the Legion expansion introduced Mythic Plus dungeons which were the elite and competitive mode of good old dungeons. That divided the PvE community: some people were frantically enthusiastic about this new activity, while others were very sceptical. Nevertheless, now it’s obvious that Mythic Plus dungeons are a good alternative to raids. So if you’re looking for some other pastime at the high level in the game, there you go. Also, PvP activities have gradually become something way more palatable. And if you were not a fan of PvP stuff before – maybe it’s time to give it another try? Boosts can make your experience with those things way more enjoyable and let you see the good parts of them without too much effort. Let’s learn more about it all.

What other high-end activities are there in WoW?

So as we’ve already said those are dungeons and PvP stuff. Here’s the list:

  • Mythic Plus dungeons
  • Arena
  • Rated Battlegrounds

Each of them is a full-scale high-end game mode with a dedicated community around each. You’ll learn more about them all below.

What are Mythic Plus dungeons?

Mythic Plus dungeons are an elite version of regular dungeons that you visit during your character’s leveling. Their eliteness is about stronger enemies, more challenges, time limit, and better rewards. When we say “better” rewards we mean that they are as good as those coming from raids. M+ dungeons have difficulty levels (AKA key levels) and the higher the level is, the harder is the dungeon and the better is the reward.

What Mythic Plus carries are there?

Needless to say, that high key levels are really, really daunting. Casual players will hardly make it past M+20. So of course you’re going to need a team of carries to make the most of this activity. Here are the most popular products:

  • Mythic Plus 15
  • Mythic Plus 20
  • Keystone Master

The first two are pretty straightforward: we take your character to a Mythic Plus dungeon of the respective key level and complete it with you. The result is an updated key for your character and a great piece of gear. But the third one is trickier than that: you gotta complete all the available M+ dungeons under particular conditions and usually those are not simple ones. The reward includes a unique mount that is exclusive to this season Learn more about it on ArmadaBoost’s website – one of the most reliable WoW boosts providers. Here’s their KSM product:

What high-end PvP activities are there in the modern WoW?

There are 2 main end-game PvP activities in the modern WoW:

  • Arena
  • Rated Battleground

The former is way more popular than the latter, but the latter also has great rewards and fans. Both are quite hard as in either you will have to rely heavily on your team and it’s not easy to assemble and maintain one. So carries would be a great way out for you.

What end-game PvP carries are there?

The most popular PvP carries are:

  • Arena 3v3 rank carries
  • Arena 2v2 rank carries
  • Conquest cap boost
  • Ranked honor boost

There are many more too, but these are the best-sellers. The former two are simple: pro players help you increase your ranking in the arena in either bracket. The latter two consist of collecting a particular number of those currencies: conquest and honor. There are numerous ways to do it and you’ll need them to purchase great gear and fun cosmetic items like mounts. You can find these and similar services in ArmadaBoost’s PvP Carry WoW section on their official website!

Where should I shop for such boosts?

ArmadaBoost is a great place to start. They have lots of services for all categories and regardless of what things you prefer in WoW, they are likely to have something useful for them. They have great prices that tend to be below the market’s average and that are regularly updated. You can check out their website to find lots of products and customers’ reviews to have a better idea of how good those guys are!