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What is a Seedbox and Why You Should Try One 

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Nowadays, everything has transformed into the digital world. Whether it is selling a product, marketing your brand, watching movies, working for companies, or downloading stuff. There is not a single aspect in our life that is not available on the internet.  

The rush of the digital world in our lives brings our concern towards our data privacy and security. The corporate and marketing companies try out every possible way to get our online world information to sell their products.  

No doubt, many of us are concerned about our privacy and security. That is where a need for a Seedbox comes.   

Seedbox: A true companion for your downloads

A Seedbox is a dedicated remote server that allows you to upload and download files using a torrent privately. The Seedbox is a high-bandwidth server located at a data center and provides a public IP address that protects your identity on the internet. The people who have access to the Seedbox can download files on their personal computers. 

Seedbox service providers offer fast speeds which keep you at ease to download a large file quickly. It provides data privacy, enabling you to stream, download and upload files anonymously.  


 Now that you know what a Seedbox is. Let’s get into its advantages.  

1) Circumvent ISPs: ISP is an internet service provider. Whenever an ISP suspects your IP address is using too much of their bandwidth, they will shape your torrent traffic by limiting you to a slower speed. A Seedbox avoids this as it will not be showing your home ISP.   

2) Quick downloads: As we know, a Seedbox is in the data centers that provide fast internet connections. It brings forth connections ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, which allow you to download files at an incredibly high rate.   

3) No privacy/security issue: As Seedbox uses a remote server and shows your IP address as a public Ip address, your data. It increases your downloading limit and makes it highly safe.   

Still concerned about your privacy and unsure which Seedbox is the best and has a reasonable price? Here is a link to our trusted Seedbox provider: GigaRapid Seedbox.  

4) Convenience: Seedbox is easy to install, a high-speed files transferer, doesn’t slow down your internet speed, and stops data stealers from sneaking into your personal computer, which is a dire need of the hour for every internet user.  


So, Do you need a Seedbox If you are a paid VPN user?  

Honestly, there is not a simple answer to this question. Both Seedbox, as well as VPN, provide privacy and security on the internet for you. But, If you are a person who downloads many torrents and wants complete control of your online privacy through a remote server, then Seedbox is for you. However, if you want to keep your identity hidden and make your device safe from different sites’ online threats, VPN is a must. 

No doubt, both Seedbox as well as VPN has their benefits. That is why mainly all Seedbox providers also offer VPN with it. Therefore, use a good Seedbox provider like “GigaRapid Seedbox” and get unlimited torrent downloading and protection from online threats and privacy issues.