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What is a Timelapse Camera and What Are its Uses?

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The technique is not new, but the technology is. Before, to create a time lapse film, you had to use your camera to take photos at certain intervals, so that when you played it as a film afterwards, it would be like time moving fast. But today, there are timelapse cameras that will take care of everything for you and ensure perfect results. Here is what you need to know on the subject.

From Art to the Workplace

Watching a timelapse video with other people, you will often hear “wows” all around you. That is because this technique really creates something unique and special. It is like watching time pass, on fast forward. It enables us to see things that we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise and comprehend how they happen. Watching the first snowfall hit the trees and the ground, and then melt away the next day under a beautiful sun, within a minute or two, is spectacular and fascinating.

But now, with long-term time-lapse cameras, there isn’t anything that you can not do, if you can think of it. Their long-lasting batteries make them self-sufficient, and so they can remain in place for months and longer periods of time, to capture their environment. Although in itself this can be quite sufficient as you watch seasons change, they were created for much more efficient work. In fact, they were built for professionals to be able to understand their work (or the one from others) better. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

On Construction Sites

Managing a construction site is not an easy task. The bigger it is, the more complicated it gets. Remaining on schedule is crucial in many ways. First, there is the workforce to be accounted for. Contracts are handed out for periods of time, in the future, so part of the work has to be completed by then. Plumbers, flooring installers, brick masons will all need to enter the site at a given time, but they need to be booked in advance. Therefore, any delay on the project can cause issues in terms of men power.

Machinery is also of first importance on a construction site. You will need to use various ones during the course of a project. They also need to be managed wisely in the schedule as they are usually rented out from companies specializing in this kind of material. If you add the weather factor into this, and the need to complete the construction before the ground gets too cold, then you understand why a construction site manager needs to remain on top of a project at all time. The timelapse camera is one of the best tools he can use to do so. That is because it gives him complete information on the status of the building. But furthermore, it also provides him the answer of why the project is not moving at the speed it is supposed to. Seeing everything going on rapidly. He can catch on the little things that can be improved, usually in terms of employees’ management.

For Teaching Purposes

They say an image is worth a thousand words. That is definitely true about the end-product of a timelapse camera. It is one thing to explain the process that something goes through from creation to delivery, but it is a completely different one to actually see it happen. It is much easier to understand when you actually see how changes happen. This is true of natural things, but also of those created by men, as we will illustrate below.


A course on agriculture can be really improved through the use of a timelapse camera. In fact, it can be used in many different ways, for that purpose. The first would be global. Watching nature change on a farm, and the various activities taking place according to the months of the year, will help students understand the established movements that a farmer needs to go through during the year. If we took a sample of a seed and planted it inside a glass jar, to witness its growth, we could also understand the process much better by seeing it through the final product of a timelapse camera.


We discussed before the interest of using a timelapse camera on a construction site. But this is true of just about anything that is being built. Whether it is a car or a computer, watching its creation in rapid movement gives us a better understanding of the process, much better than if we were only studying it in books.


The timelapse camera technology is actually built to shoot in 4K, which provides a quality of image much superior to a normal camera. And although it is clearly helpful and will find its way in many different industry sectors, we will still watch their final products, no matter what the subject is, with pleasure, amazement and exclamations of joy from everyone.