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What is a Trend Reversal Indicator?

Indicator — an auxiliary tool that facilitates technical analysis of the market. They are based on more than one thousand trading strategies, some of them have allowed authors to achieve considerable success in trading. New Forex indicators are added regularly. It is physically impossible to describe all the new algorithms — they appear too quickly, and many are worthless. So the focus is only on really interesting indicators. Market indicators are the basis of the trader’s decision to sell or buy currency. According to the basics of technical analysis, it is known that the market can be represented in one of two states. On Forex, both objective and subjective indicators are distinguished. The latter is the indication of the mood of the participants of the wound, which is psychological.

The main problem with technical analysis is the individual decision-maker. The analysis is always done on the history and any trend reversal indicator is necessarily delayed. A popular indicator is the trend reversal indicator. A change of direction, in terms of the market foundation, means a shift in trade interest towards sellers or buyers. Apart from speculative throws, which as a result do not affect the overall trend, the real breakthrough is always preceded by some period of struggle between the two indicators. At this time, the trend reversal indicator should attract the trader’s attention. After the first signal you need to estimate the range of likely movement: you need to have time to open the transaction and fix the result. For the situation to be considered a trend reversal, the backstop margin should be large enough. It should be noted that there is no guarantee that the trend reversal indicator signal will fully work out, but the deeper the correction, the more chances that the price will continue to move in a new direction. The new direction should be supported by the appropriate trading volumes, otherwise, without active support, the market can quickly return to the previous trend. It turns out that an effective trend reversal indicator should filter out significant corrections and ensure a minimum delay. The settings depend on how the indicator is calculated, but the result should be one — a signal that the current direction of the market is weakening. The calculation of an average value only highlights the strongest trend, and most transactions are made on fluctuations around it.