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What Is a VPN and Why Do You Need One?

VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. But most likely, it doesn’t tell you much either. That’s why in this article, you’ll be able to learn all the crucial information about the VPN, why it is perfect for your cybersafety, and what the best VPN for torrenting is.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a service for which you can sign up for a specific amount of money. But why would you do that? The answer is simple – to increase the level of your safety online. VPN was created to increase the security level of Internet users – it allows you to use the temporary IP address, and therefore makes it much harder to track your online actions. Your actual IP is hidden from all the websites that you visit. Although it doesn’t make you 100% safe online, it greatly increases your security level and allows you to do things, which normally you wouldn’t be able to do.

How does VPN work?

VPN service connects the device that you’re using to another computer. It means that you’re surfing on the Internet using another server Internet connection. For example, let’s say that you’re living in the US. You have a VPN, and it connects you to a computer from Mexico. If anyone tried to track you online, they wouldn’t be able to determine what your real location or identity is.

That’s the reason why people in authoritarian countries use VPN so often. Human rights in such states aren’t respected, and people’s actions on the Internet are very limited. Virtual Private Network allows authoritarian countries citizens to do anything they want. Of course, if their activities are hazardous for the government, the police will still be able to track them, but it requires much more effort. If people want to only use the Facebook account, it’s insanely unlikely that they will be punished for doing so.

But why would people from democratic countries use a VPN? Again, the answer is straightforward – to protect personal data. Imagine that you’re at the airport or McDonald’s. You have to download something on your phone or laptop, so you connect to the available WiFi. Public networks are very poorly protected, and they allow to steal your information, such as personal data, passwords or even bank account number. Due to VPN, it’s not a problem anymore, because your data is very well protected.

When is VPN useful?

According to, it’s worth to have a VPN because of the many possibilities that it offers. You’ll be able to bypass geographic restrictions, and as you know, they can be very irritating. Companies often block certain content because of licensing purposes. When you’re connected to a VPN tunnel, you’ll easily be able to download, for example, computer games, which otherwise wouldn’t be available for you.

Another common reason why people are using VPN is Netflix. Demand on streaming content is very high, and Netflix’s popularity is the best evidence for it. Unfortunately, it’s also strictly geographically limited. If you don’t live in the right region, you won’t be able to watch certain things. Initially, Netflix was only available in the United States. It has changed, and now people all around the world are able to use it. However, there are some exceptions, like China, North Korea or Syria. If people from these countries would use a VPN, they are able to watch movies on this platform, even though it is impossible for the average citizen from these countries. Besides, there is one more thing. Netflix prices may vary depending on the country. It’s possible to purchase a cheaper Netflix subscription in the USA than it is in Australia. This saving alone pays for the average price of a VPN, and that’s why people often decide to buy Virtual Private Network service.

VPN will also help you when you want to increase your protection level when you’re using not trusted WiFi connections. You’ll be more anonymous, and your location will be hidden. Remember that your information is valuable for companies, and they will do everything to know more about you. Don’t allow them to do so. Privacy is an essential part of the Internet, and just like in real life, you should do everything to protect it.

Sometimes, you’re going to need it when you’re working remotely. A lot of companies demand you to use a VPN for security reasons. In such a case, you’ll be able to connect to your computer at work, so you’ll have access to all the necessary resources and files, even though you’re not in the office.

Now that you know what VPN is, and why it’s useful, you can start looking for providers and choose the most attractive offer for you. There are a lot of benefits that come from using Virtual Private Network, and anyone who wants to stay safe online should be using this service.

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