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What Is Amazon FBA Swiship? 

Amazon FBA, also known as Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon logistics, is a service that you should take into account if you are dedicated to e-commerce or intend to dedicate yourself to it in the short-medium term. Amazon FBA is defined by the online platform as follows:  Most Amazon sellers opt for shipping through Amazon without necessarily investing more in logistics. Fulfillment by Amazon helps sellers expand their business to sell internationally in just a few days. Fulfillment by Amazon includes several shipping solutions, such as Swiship.  With FBA, Amazon takes care of your products’ storage, packaging, and shipping. In short, all services related to shipping are covered by Amazon.

Keep reading this article to find out more about Amazon FBA and Swiship. 

What Is Amazon FBA? 

Amazon FBA means “Fulfillment by Amazon.” More precisely, this means that Amazon acts as a shipping service provider for the merchants who sell on Amazon, which means that Amazon ships it. As a result, smaller retailers with less capacity for their shipping service can also achieve a large reach. The fact that Amazon makes the products ready for dispatch and sends them is a significant advantage. At Amazon FBA Business, the platform also takes care of returns and everything else that affects logistics.

Amazon FBA is time-saving and practical, especially for retailers who sell on amazon with frequent returns. Regardless of size, Amazon customers can immediately start selling on Amazon faster and easier. 

Amazon retailers who have opted for the Amazon FBA also benefit from better visibility of their products. Amazon sells itself as the most customer-friendly company in the world. Therefore, products with Amazon Prime shipping (which is automatically available with Amazon FBA Business) are given priority. This service is followed by a better listing and a higher conversion rate. This good ranking makes your product more visible and ideally also achieves more sales.

When it comes to FBA, however, it is advisable to keep in mind that there are also some challenges. Merchants should know that FBA packages carry the Amazon logo (or prime logo) and not the online shop’s logo.

This operation pushes the awareness of your brand into the background. Buyers assume they are ordering from Amazon, not from an external retailer. Not every buyer is aware that independent retailers also sell their products on Amazon.

How Do I Track My FBA Order? 

You can click on the view FBA orders link on your Manage Orders page to review the status of the FBA orders placed on Amazon. There is a complete list of all Unshipped, Pending, Shipped, and Canceled products visible on the Manage Orders page, including: 

  • Order details: Order ID, product name, quantity ordered, ASIN, SKU, sales channel, fulfillment method, and billing country 
  • Shipping Information: Shipping method, payment status, any pending actions
  • Tools for managing orders: Cancellations and refunds, shipping tools, and more. 

Amazon-fulfilled order status can be either Pending or Payment Complete

What Is Amazon FBA Swiship? 

An Amazon FBA Swiship tracking package is an optional service for many delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. This service consists of assigning a unique number and code to a package so the user can track it during the delivery process.

The FBA Swiship service provided by Amazon is exciting because customers who have just bought a product on the platform will always know the product’s location.

Being a giant of E-Commerce supposes many positive points. Among them is that it works with a good number of transport agencies to be able to ship thousands of orders. However, order tracking is not something new on the Internet. It has been used since the creation of the first online stores. But as usual, Amazon is ahead of the rest with handy user features.

Amazon FBA Swiship is one of those cases. It is a tool that allows you to see the exact place where the order is located on a map. It is not a generic follow-up like the one we are used to.

In this way, Amazon allows you to see a map of the neighborhood and, in real-time, a green dot that represents the more or less exact place where the delivery man is. Logically, the information is not 100% real-time because distributors’ activity must also be protected.

However, thanks to the movements of that green dot, it will be possible to know if the dealer is close to home and when exactly he will arrive. Therefore, users rated the Amazon map to locate an order very positively.

How Can I Contact My Amazon Driver?

With a corporate account, you can add delivery instructions for Amazon drivers and select whether or not you want weekend deliveries.

Note: You have to edit each address individually, and the method of editing the addresses will depend on whether your corporate or group account uses individual or shared addresses.

Does Amazon Own Swiship? 

Amazon FBA Swiship is one of the leading logistics UK companies known for its strong image and a reliable network of responsibility. Amazon Technologies, Inc owns this company’s trademark. 

What Is an Amazon Carrier? 

Product shipping is one of the most challenging steps for an eCommerce store. This is because shipping costs can significantly affect your business. But you don’t have to pay such high prices with the Amazon Partnered Carrier program. This service reduces shipping rates for FBA Sellers. In addition, it also delivers your products to an Amazon warehouse in the US.

This program aims to improve the fulfillment experience for customers and offers discounted shipping rates for FBA sellers. Amazon negotiates each rate with UPS. That way, brands can ship packages to Amazon fulfillment centers at profitable rates.

Sellers only need to attach an Amazon Fulfilled shipping label to each package. They can then drop off shipments with their carrier. Another option is to request a pickup from your warehouse. From there, all the seller’s packages arrive at Amazon and are ready for sale online. The fee is billed to your account as an inbound transportation charge.

How Late Does Amazon Send Packages Out for Delivery? 

The transit time depends on the chosen shipping speed and is calculated in business days. Saturdays and Sundays do not usually count towards transit time. An exception may be given when a weekend delivery option is available at checkout.

Holidays are also taken into account when calculating transit time.

Amazon can provide an “order within” timer for some delivery dates that shows the time frame in which customers must place their order to receive their delivery on the date indicated. The date is subject to change before the customer places their order. The confirmed delivery date will be included in the order confirmation email.

Does Amazon Refund Stolen Packages?

If your purchases are left on your doorstep and stolen, contact the merchant directly. If they refuse to refund or return your purchases to you again, you may request a chargeback for the transaction from your credit card issuer.

Better yet, if the theft happened six or ten months ago, you can still demand a refund or chargeback!

Will Amazon Refund for Lost Package? 

Suppose an item is lost or damaged during FBA shipment at a facility or by a carrier operating on Amazon’s behalf. In that case, it will replace that item with a new one from the same FNSKU or refund the amount.

Does Amazon Ship on Sundays? 

The answer, right off the bat, is yes. Indeed, Amazon’s delivery service includes the last day of the weekend. But the truth is that this is tied to a set of variables and technicalities. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order on a Sunday. Receiving your order on a Sunday depends on whether you choose premium shipping. It should be noted that Amazon Prime members benefit from free premium shipping, guaranteeing them to receive Amazon orders on Sundays. 


Amazon FBA allows you to ship goods at prime speed without investing in logistics. The shipping giant provides you not only storage space but also ships, labels, and returns your goods for a fee, depending on your goods.

Amazon FBA is perfect for small merchants and startups looking to save money and hassle. But ultimately, each company invests in someone else’s logistics instead of building its own. Despite the advantages, a strategic decision must be carefully considered.