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What is an Advertising Engine and What Benefits Does it Provide?

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Due to the easy availability of ad-blocking software worldwide, about 42.7% of internet users avail of the service of ad blocking for uninterrupted web browsing. Bypassing ad blockers to get ads displayed in front of the audience is a tactic that escalates the revenue margins of both advertisers and publishers.

Bypassing helps in increasing traffic and also improves your conversion rate and overall sales margins. This helps in compensating your ad spending and maximizing your returns. Advertisers get benefitted by bypassing ad blockers and it also helps them stabilize their revenue from advertisements. A comprehensive study by Exoclick that used Statista’s numerical data clearly explains the importance of bypassing ad blockers for publishers.

With an abundance of options available to advertise your product or service, the advertising engine acts as one of the most robust marketing platforms, as it holds the potential to maximize your traffic and improve your overall conversion rate. This article will explain the importance of choosing advertising engines to market your products and how these platforms can help you reach your marketing goals to bring your brand into the limelight by bypassing ad blockers and retargeting existing visitors to your site.

Let’s begin!

What is an Advertising Engine?

An advertising engine is a platform to maximize the ROI of your marketing investments. It also helps publishers increase their ad revenue by bypassing ad blockers. The platform makes it easier to launch banners and landing pages to gain more clicks and profits as a publisher.

Here are the numbers that compel internet users to use ad blockers:

  • 81% of internet users find ads annoying and interrupting.
  • 62% of them use ad blockers to protect themselves against malware and viruses.
  • 58% of the total internet population uses them for privacy protection.
  • 23% of internet users choose ad blockers to save the device’s battery.
  • 22% preserve their bandwidth by blocking ads.

How Does the Advertising Engine Work?

Plenty of advertising engines offer to bypass ad blockers for escalating conversion rates and enhancing earnings via advertising network auctions. You can trace and persuade the site visitors based on the goods and services they have viewed or performed action with. Retargeting options on advertising engines help you encourage potential customers to finish the conversion action.

Efficient retargeting campaigns on advertising engines can help in increasing the percentage of returning visitors, further resulting in increased return on ad spends. One such advertising engine is Finteza, which allows the launching of banners, teasers, sliders, landing pages, and any other text along with graphic blocks and offers the broadest field of experimentation to increase traffic and improve conversion rates.

Here is how the Finteza advertising engine works:

  • Internet users apply ad blockers when surfing through various websites. Finteza’s advertising engine avoids this issue as the data between users and the service is proxied using your website. This stops ad blocking by browsers, which gains more clicks for you, and your profits as a publisher increase significantly.
  • It provides detailed statistics on campaigns, banner impressions, and click-through rates online without delay in a clear and relevant manner, as shown below.

  • The platform supports modern formats such as GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, HTML5, and adaptive banners. Using an advertising engine is an optimal solution for managing campaigns if your website features a lot of rotating advertising blocks. You need to specify a text title and description, select call to action on the button, and finally upload an image. You will get 10 banners in different formats.
  • Finteza’s distributed system uses multiple servers positioned all over the world. No matter where your site visitor is located, they will immediately see your advertiser’s clickable banner. Banners are uploaded as soon as the visitor scrolls or visit the page. This reduces the delay in banner uploading and losses in clicks and increases the display probability.
  • The platform also offers advanced options for configuring and targeting marketing campaigns. You can configure and edit options like browsers, devices, geography, and display schedules by days of week and hours, as shown in the image below.

  • Finteza also provides a built-in retargeting option that displays optimized ads to the users who visited your website before or performed any action. You can quickly sort visitors who have already performed actions on your site. This feature allows the creation of customized and personalized ads which has the potential to attract more customers and are relevant to your audience.

With efficient bypassing of ad blockers, these automated tools quickly compensate for the cost by providing additional impressions and clicks.

Final Thoughts

Advertising engines directly put your brand in front of potential customers, and advertising through these portals can gain high organic traffic and valuable conversions. In this article, I have mentioned how an advertising engine works in your favor to drive organic traffic and generate more sales. If utilized correctly, advertising engines help improve brand awareness, generate leads, escalate sales, and increase your customer base by bypassing Adblock and retargeting potential leads.