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What is Business Process Management Tools?

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The Business Process Management (BPM) tool is an enterprise software solution which helps an organization to design, execute, model, optimize and monitor various types of business processes. The Business Process Management tools supports you in all terms of the business as a manager. The Business processes are divided into three categories –

  1. Integration centric

The Business Process Management helps in integrating the software solutions across the entire organization. With the help of the process management different types of software can be integrated in the entire company as per the business requirements.

  1. Human centric

The human centric business process management tools focus on various types of human resource related workflows.

  1. Document centric

The business process management helps in organization of physical and digital assets of the company.

The business process management software features includes – drag and drop design solutions; business process modeling; role based access control and integrations.

Benefits of using Business Process Management Tool

Every organization looks forward to have the right kind of process management. Here are some of the benefits of using the business process management –

Saving of time

It is very vital to save your time in your business – if the company is designing a new product or launching a new business in order to serve the present customer requests. The right kind of business process management tools will help the companies to automate the process and arrange the resources in the right manner.

Lesser costs

With the right kind of process management the team can handle the tasks in the right manner. This will automatically save your cost; since the right resource is channelized in the right way. It is preferred to use more and more business processes in order to get the maximum benefits.

Better quality and output

If you wish to have a better quality and good consistency in the output of the company then business process management is useful. The work flow management tools are the best solution.

Lesser failure rates

With the help of business process management the failure rates decreases; adding to the bottom line of the business.

Business Process Management Tools

Here are the details of bpm tools – let us get a quick overview of the same –


Filestage is a online proofing business process management tool. This is considered as one of the most powerful tools in order to streamline the content approval process. The Filestage offers a centralized platform in order to help the users to share files to their team members and also stakeholders. This software also give space to give real time feedback and also approve the digital assets.

Filestage has multiple automation features in order to reduce the time spent on various processes of the business. With the help of Filestage       the content review process can be streamlined; this will help to increase the consistency and quality of all digital content.


Aeneis is a process provided by Intellior AG. They offer a universal business process management solution which can be easily customized for different organization as per their business requirements. If you wish to improve the process modeling, compliance management, document management system then Aeneis is the best process management to be used. In case of Aeneis you can start in a small level and pay only for what services you use.


Adonis has everything covered for you in the business; regardless of what you want to design, execute, monitor, model and optimize the business process Adonis has everything you want. It acts as a modeling assistant which provides the right kind of business process management tools in order to get quicker and analytical processes. Adonis also supports graphical tools, dashboard and simulation mechanism is also the best option available in Adonis. The Adonis business process management suite is provide free of cost.


Appian is used for low code business process management automation. There is a general view that automating business process requires a strong IT department in order to navigate different processes. But this is not the truth; with the help of Appian all the complex processes can be automated easily without much in-depth coding. Appian is among those few business process management tools which easily balances all the needs and uses for any business.


Bizagi is the best business process management for intelligent process automation. Bizagi has supported the organizations in all digital business process since 1989. Bizagi helps in the businesses to automate the processes and this helps in saving money and time. The software of Bizagi helps in financial sector, healthcare, education and manufacturing sector. Bizagi gives a modular approach to the business process management; this helps in preparing workflow diagrams. The studio program allows the users to automate, transform and design processes with the help of minimum coding. Bizagi provides a performance based pricing model.