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What is Certified HDMI 2.1 Cable 48Gbps and Where to Find It

The widespread availability of the certified HDMI 2.1 cable, which is called HDMI Ultra High-Speed cable, has acted as a connector that links your real life with a virtual world. Due to the massive benefits these cables offer, they are highly in demand in various industries, including DVDs, laptops, arranging a conference, and screens that need high-resolution.  

In today’s world, data transmission is becoming increasingly fast, and certified HDMI 2.1 cables are becoming a necessity for business owners and individual consumers who need to level up their experience in seeing the high-resolution graphics. In case you are still wondering about the certified HDMI 2.1 cable, this article will guide you to figure out what it is and its main functions. 

What is the certified HDMI 2.1 cable?

An Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable is a cable that transfers data from a source device to the display device at a very high rate. It can deliver clear digital images instantly without loss of signal. Since these cables use four data channels, they can achieve a 48 Gbps transfer rate at any single time.

To mention that, the HDMI 2.1 UHS cable from SmartAVlink brings numerous benefits to consumers. The 8k HDMI 2.1 cable enables you to get a smooth and seamless movement in movies, games, and videos with a faster refresh rate. In addition, the product from SmartAVlink is the latest standard of HDMI, which makes it the excellent gadget available in the market.

What functions does the certified HDMI 2.1 cable have?

Since you have an explicit understanding of certified HDMI 2.1 cable, the next thing is to clear its main functions. The HDMI 8K cables provide the following functions:

1. eARC

eARC stands for Enhanced Audio Return Channel. It supports the most advanced audio formats and the highest audio quality with simple connectivity. If eARC protocol is absent from HDMI cables, you need an additional audio cable to transfer audio from one device to another. eARC has the ability to deliver up to 32 channels of uncompressed audio data at an extremely high speed. 

Thus, with the support of eARC, the certified HDMI 2.1 cables give you high bandwidth and speed, meaning that all those high-rate audio formats like Dolby can be used without any compatibility issues. Not only this but audio and video quality get synced in movie streaming with the help of certified HDMI 2.1 cables, hence helping you to enjoy the experience.

2. VRR

VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate. It allows your display device to adjust its refresh rate in real-time to the game console’s output frame rate. Its main benefit is that it can give you a smooth experience even if the frame rate continues to vary. For example, while playing the game, the screen changes regularly based on the processing rate. And here, VRR kicks in by adjusting itself according to the frame rate. The certified HDMI 2.1 cable is inherited with this advanced technology to give you a seamless experience.

3. QMS

QMS, or popularly known as Quick Media Switching, is used when you have to switch between two different video modes. Usually, there is a short screen blackout when you connect two devices through HDMI cables. However, with the introduction of QMS, those blackouts do not occur anymore. The main benefit of using QMS is that it allows a rapid and smooth transition between various media rates, giving you a seamless experience without any screen blackout. As the certified HDMI 2.1 cables have this functionality, these cables are your solution to non-stop entertainment.

4. QFT

Quick Frame Transport, also known as QFT, reduces the display latency between the HDMI-connected devices. One of its main advantages is that it can give you a real-time experience with the help of VR. Without QFT, you will see your gaming console and other devices display lag as they continuously change their frame rate. But QFT reduces this delay of the display by transporting frame rate at a much higher speed.

Where to find these cables?

It is tricky for you to find the most capable High-Speed HDMI 2.1 cables among various choices. The ultra-high-speed HDMI 2.1 cables from SmartAVlink, an expert in providing HDMI 2.1 cables, are your trustworthy products. SmartAVlink provides promising avenues to their consumers to transfer data at an unprecedented speed without any signal drop. Their cables are designed for longer lengths, which means that you can transfer data at a greater distance now. With the capability of 48Gbps bandwidth, these cables enable users to enjoy a real-time experience without any delay. In addition, SmartAVlink has slim cables as slim as 3.8mm OD and shorter HDMI plugs. All of these make the certified HDMI 2.1 cables from SmartAVlink stand out in the market for a long time.

The wrap-up

If you are in the market to purchase the best-certified HDMI 2.1 cables, the products from SmartAVlink are the best ones you can’t miss. SmartAVlink is an optical-electric solution provider setting new avenues for high-speed data transmission through their state-of-the-art technologies. With their innovative R&D practices, they provide you high-quality products. Their ability to maintain quality in their products is one reason why global customers find this brand trustworthy and dependable. Thus, if you are interested in their products, please don’t hesitate to contact them as soon as possible.