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What is Netflix? How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix is an over-the-top (OTT) platform that provides users with unlimited fun. This platform was introduced by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. Initially, it started its business by selling and renting DVDs. It was the World’s first DVD store that online sell and rent DVDs. The company was so small that there were only 30 employees working.

After some time of its launch, it became very popular that in its starting year about two-thirds of homes in the United States had a DVD player.

Netflix has begun to provide streaming services in 2010 to the international market. Soon, it started its first original content which became very popular and users liked it a lot. After the huge success of its first original content, it provides more and more original content which also got very popular. Now, Netflix APK is much more popular and stronger than any other streaming company. This company started to provide its content in its app. Now, it is the world’s biggest video streaming app where users can enjoy unlimited content of almost every region. Yes, this is right. Now, it has become a globally streaming app with more than 18 languages.

With so much content in the app, no one can get bored by using it. In fact, the whole app is so beautiful that users do not want to quit it. One can become addicted to the app.

There are many people who do not know how to use the app that’s why they do not use it. But there is no need to worry as the app provides automatically generated instructions when someone uses the app for the first time. Also, things are very easy that users can learn very quickly. So, to use the app, one does not need to be qualified.

There are many video streaming apps that provide unlimited content but most of the users find that content so boring that after some time of downloading the app, they uninstall it. But in this case, the user can get addict to this app because of its content quality. Not only has this app provided good content but also HD quality. After seeing the popularity of its content, they began to provide its service for kids also.

They started a kids section in their content where kids can easily find their type of videos, movies, and shows. Hence, by giving this facility, it proved to be the number one app.

Moreover, users can use the app with many functions. These functions are the pillars of Netflix. Users can easily increase/decrease the brightness of the video, skip the parts of the video, pause/continue the video, and last but not least users can download the videos to watch it offline anytime anywhere. Isn’t this so much awesome? Users will not have to wait for an internet connection and this feature will be more effective if one has to go to a place where there is no internet. To avoid boredom, this is a perfect feature which this app can provide.

As many users like to watch foreign content but they do not understand the language. To overcome this problem, it provides its users with subtitles in many languages. So, if a user cannot understand English or any other language, he/she can choose the language which he/she understands.

Users can access the app via the Internet. If a user wants to watch videos in the app, he/she must have a device with a good internet connection.

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

The monthly basic plan of Netflix is $8.99 which is quite affordable. Many users select this plan to watch movies. But this plan has some limitations. Users will not find HD or Ultra HD videos.

Let’s come to the second plan. This plan is a standard plan which costs $13.99. This plan is much higher than the basic plan.

Now, there is the last plan which cost $17.99 and is quite expensive. But this plan has everything that one wants. Moreover, this plan has so much extra and is highest than the other two plans.

Depending upon the regions where a user lives, he/she may be charged extra due to regional taxes.