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WHAT is New in GBWhatsApp 2023?

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The anti-ban mod known as GBWA is based on WhatsApp. The original WA was modified to become GBWA. That renders the entire software “Antiban.”and Sam Mods created this mod. The greatest WhatsApp for those who were tired of using Official and other apps Enhanced WhatsApp Antiban Mod is only offered by Sam Mods.

Are you sick with WhatsApp’s same-old features? Do you wish you had more privacy and personalization options? The best WhatsApp alternative is GBWhatsApp, so look no further. A customized version of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp gives users access to a variety of capabilities that the original program does not.

By clicking the download button below, you can try out the 2023 New Latest Version of the updated GBWhatsApp (WhatsAppGB) APK 53 MB file (Anti-Ban). Our most recent version of GBWhatsApp contains special AI functions, as well as personalized themes, UI, and fonts.

Information about the WhatsAppGB APK file:

Total Download 100,000,000+
APK Version Latest
AI Feature Yes
Base Version
Last Update Jun / 2023
Size 53 MB
Root Not Required
Android Version Latest

Features of the GBWhatsApp Update: 2023 New Latest Version (53 MB)

  • Updated new base (
  • newly added feature Integrate an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT with WhastGPT AI. 4.0 WhatsGPT: Generate Status Text Using AI
  • 99.99% upgraded and improved anti-ban
  • Dark color
  • a new UI for “Msg a number”
  • alternatives for hiding Mark and Save buttons on the status page.
  • Titanium now has new backup and restore options, and GBWhatsApp DP (Display Picture/Profile Picture) is updated automatically every day.
  • Secret chat function
  • obscure the recording status
  • Stickers from Google Play may be added
  • Develop, use, and distribute your own themes.
  • Backup and restore functionality
  • up to seven-minute video status updates
  • incredible tick styles
  • Modify the notification-bar icon
  • several GIF suppliers, among other things
  • many crash and bug fixes

What is the 53 MB Updated GBWhatsApp (WhatsAppGB) APK Newest Version for 2023?

WhatsAppGB APK (Anti-Ban) 2023 Newest Version, GBWhatsApp One of the modified variations of the well-known social network of the original WhatsApp is called Updated 53 MB. It incorporates all of the essential features of this platform and adds additional alluring features that raise public interest in it.


Customizing your conversations is one of GBWhatsApp’s primary features. You may alter the chat’s theme, as well as the background and text color, with GBWhatsApp. By doing so, you may add a personal touch and improve the appearance of your discussions. You can also select from a variety of emoji packs on GBWhatsApp to give your chats even more individuality.

With GBWhatsApp, privacy is also of the utmost importance. The software offers a variety of privacy options, including the ability to hide your online status, your last seen location, and even the blue read message ticks. Additionally, GBWhatsApp lets you password-protect your chats so that only you have access to them.

Additionally, GBWhatsApp has features that make texting even simpler. The software allows you to send messages to unsaved numbers and to up to 600 recipients simultaneously. GBWhatsApp also lets you schedule messages so you may send them at a later time without having to remember to.

Being able to exchange bigger files is another important feature of GBWhatsApp. You can only transfer files up to 16 MB in size using WhatsApp’s basic interface. You may transmit files up to 50 MB in size with GBWhatsApp. Sharing high-quality images and movies is made very convenient by this.

Anyone searching for more messaging capabilities, privacy controls, and personalization choices can download GBWhatsApp. with its extensive feature set and user-friendly UI. Thankfully, updated GBWhatsApp (GBWA) or WhatsAppGB has the same functional interface while still including WhatsApp’s original settings and adding additional, arguably far more impressive capabilities in the opinion of users. Hence, it has a high demand in the market. These days, millions of individuals use GBWhatsApp. The app’s anti-message erase function is one of the most popular features ever, and it also offers a variety of themes and other features.

In conclusion, GBWhatsApp is the best substitute for WhatsApp. To improve your texting experience, download GBWhatsApp right away!

Why should I download the updated GBWhatsApp APK (53 MB) rather than the official WhatsApp 2023 New Latest Version?

Have you ever considered modifying WhatsApp to hide status, blue ticks, and other features? If so, you might want to choose GBWhatsApp (WhatsAppGB) for Android-based smartphones. The mod includes all the native features provided by the official 2023 version. most recent version 53 MB of the program were updated, including:

  • Utilize audio or video calls to talk to your loved ones in real time.
  • Send voice messages, emoticons, and texts.
  • Display statuses
  • Chat in groups with your connections.
  • Share documents, movies, and photos in PDF format.
  • Promote your online presence by using your website, blog, or other online activity.

However, users are constrained by issues like the maximum size for a video status, a lack of customizing choices, and the inability to download statuses directly, which makes GBWhatsApp (WhatsApp GB) a perfect substitute to handle all of these issues. This new mod gives you a number of fantastic features to take advantage of when using the app in addition to the choices described above.