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What Is Personal Injury Insurance?

Personal injury insurance is basically a support for the treatment of any unexpected injuries that happen by accidental issues. This insurance ensures financial help for the occurrences such as- a car accident, business loss, victims of physical assault and even the accidental death as well as burial expenses etc. Personal Injury insurance works as a third party for the victim and the responsible parties.

Insurances That Cover Personal Injury Claims

There are a number of insurances that cover personal injury claims and fight for the claims on behalf of the victims. Different personal injury insurances serve different purposes for their clients based on their injuries as well as the demands and needs of the reparations. The best and most popular insurances covering personal injury claims are as follows:

Auto Insurance for Injury Coverage

Auto insurance for personal injury coverage is one of the most popular insurance policies. It provides the best help to the drivers of motor vehicles. There are three parties under this insurance policy. The person who buys an auto insurance policy is called the first party.

The second party is the insurance company itself, and the third party refers to the injured or victimized person for which the first party is responsible. So, if you are the buyer of the insurance policy, you can claim for your injuries with your insurance which is known as the first-party claim. You can also file a third-party claim if you are the sufferer.

PIP Coverage

PIP coverage means Personal Injury Protection coverage which is most common in the no-fault states. If you are the citizen of such a state, you need to claim your reparations for your personal injuries through this PIP which covers medical bills, pocket expenses; burial costs excluding reparations for the damage of your property.

Med-Pay Coverage

Med- Pay coverage is common yet optional in most of the states because of their less coverage. Lower than even PIP, it covers only medical expenses, not other costs.

Insurance for Homeowner’s Injury Claims

These injury claims are especially for the guests of the house. If any guest comes to your home and gets injured by any of the objects (trees, fires etc.) or persons of your home, they can claim valid compensation against your (homeowner’s) insurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Through this insurance, the workers of a company get their compensations claimed for their injuries that have happened in the company while working. For example, physical damages for mechanical errors in the company.

Business Liability Coverage

Almost every business sectors such as restaurants, bars, shops etc. have their business liability insurance policies. If the customers of these businesses get injured or hurt for the mistreatment of the company or the shop, they can claim compensations. This liability coverage pays all the expenses for their personal damage like medical cost.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

When you are injured or hurt by a car accident, and the responsible driver of the accident has no insurance policy, uninsured motorist coverage is there to help you out at that time. Again, if the responsible driver has car insurance, but it is unable to pay you enough, then it asks help from underinsured motorist coverage.

Boat and Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

In case you are injured while making a journey by a boat or riding vehicles that do not run on the roads like a jet-ski, you must have the right to claim for your injuries against the drivers’ or owners’ insurance policy.

Insurance Coverage for Medical Injuries

Sometimes, you might be the victim of mistreatment, misdiagnosis and error prescription in any hospital or personal chamber of a doctor. You must claim your reparations as it may result in serious health damage, even death. In that case, this insurance coverage pays the entire costs of your medical expenses.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage normally helps to pay the bills for the victims’ bodily injury by a car or vehicle accident. Bruises and cuts can still leave a mark on your body, They pay the medical expenses such as therapy bills, medicines, doctor’s fees, hospital bills etc. They give you full support until you become completely well.


Finally, personal injury insurance policies provide strong support in time of your danger, whether you are an insurance owner or a victim. They help the insurance owners from legal issues by providing financial support to the victims at the spur of the moment. On the other hand, the victims get economic security on their shoulders.