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What is SMS Marketing & How Does it Work?

In the age of smartphones and other mobile devices businesses are increasingly using SMS marketing to connect with their customers. A text message marketing method involves sending promotional messages to a group of people using SMS. So in order to connect with customers businesses use SMS marketing.

Businesses are turning more and more to SMS marketing as a tool to connect with their customers as smartphones and other mobile devices become more prevalent. 

Sending promotional messages to a group of people using SMS (Short Message Service), or text messaging, is referred to as SMS marketing, sometimes known as text message marketing. Businesses of all sizes continue to employ SMS marketing, which has been around for a while, to connect with their customers.

Mobile marketing platforms are crucial in assisting companies in implementing effective SMS campaigns, which is another essential component of mobile marketing. Audience segmentation, message planning, reporting, and analytics, as well as assessing engagements in other marketing channels like social media and email, are elements that mobile marketing platforms offer. Businesses can streamline their SMS marketing campaigns, make sure the correct clients are receiving their messages at the right time, and track the effectiveness of their efforts by utilizing a mobile marketing platform like Trackier. To put it briefly, SMS marketing and mobile marketing platforms combine to give businesses an edge over their competitors in connecting with their customers and boosting sales.

How is SMS marketing carried out?

Utilizing specialized software or services, SMS marketing enables companies to send mass texts to a list of users. By entering their phone numbers and consenting to receive promotional messages, these users often opt-in to receive these communications.

Different types of content, such as limited-time deals, discounts, promotions, or event reminders, may be included in the messages. A call to action can also be included, such as urging clients to visit a website or reply with a keyword to enter a competition.

Reaching clients who are active or prefer text messaging as a means of communication can be done well with SMS marketing. It can be utilized for many other things, such as lead generation, sales, and customer interaction too.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Businesses may reach their customers where they are – on their phones – by using SMS marketing. We’ll go over some of the main advantages of SMS marketing in this blog and explain why companies ought to think about using it as part of their marketing plan. Let’s discuss these pointers in detail:

1. High Open Rates

The high open rate of SMS marketing is one of its main benefits. Studies have shown that 98% of SMS messages are opened, meaning that almost all texts sent are read. This is a substantial improvement over other marketing channels’ open rates, which can be as low as 20% for email marketing, for example. Due to its high open rate, SMS marketing is a powerful tool for companies looking to reach their target audience.

2. Quick Delivery

Instant message delivery is another advantage of SMS marketing. SMS messages are delivered in real-time, unlike other marketing channels where it may take days or weeks for clients to get them. Due to this, SMS marketing is a great choice for timely announcements or reminders, like flash sales or limited-time deals.

3. Cost-Effective

SMS marketing is a financially wise marketing strategy for companies. SMS marketing is reasonably priced when compared to other marketing methods like email or direct mail. There are no additional charges for printing, postage, or design, and the cost per message is inexpensive.

4. Direct Messages

Businesses can use SMS marketing to send tailored messages to particular client groups depending on their interests or behavior. Businesses may offer more effective personalized messages to clients by segmenting their subscriber lists. Increased engagement, greater click-through rates, and ultimately more purchases, can result from this.

5. Permission from Users

Customers must choose to receive SMS messages, therefore they are more likely to interact with your message because they are already engaged in your brand. Higher engagement rates and more effective marketing initiatives may result from this. Additionally, clients can easily choose not to receive communications at any moment, guaranteeing that only those who are interested in getting them will receive your message.

6. Customer Engagement Has Increased

By offering clients useful information, exclusive offers, and promotions, SMS marketing can aid in boosting customer engagement. Businesses may strengthen their ties with their consumers and keep them coming back by offering personalized communications that are pertinent to the individual customer.


SMS marketing is a potent channel for marketing that may offer companies a number of advantages, such as high open rates, fast delivery, cost-effectiveness, tailored messaging, opt-in, and enhanced consumer involvement. Businesses can reach their customers where they are, interact with them in a more direct and personalized way, and eventually boost sales by using SMS marketing.

It is a powerful marketing channel that can provide businesses with several benefits. By utilizing SMS marketing, businesses can reach their customers where they are, engage with them in a more personal and direct way, and ultimately drive more sales.

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