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What is Suitecommerce? The Ultimate Suitecommerce Guide

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If you use NetSuite ERP, you are aware of the benefits of having all of your data on one platform. To further understand why SuiteCommerce outperforms Shopify Plus, Magento, and other e-commerce platform solutions, this page walks you through some of the module’s most important features. We assume that you are either implementing NetSuite or already have NetSuite as a platform because it requires NetSuite ERP. The past year has seen a sharp rise in internet sales as a result of our rapidly changing world. The previous ten years have seen a significant movement toward online purchasing, but recent global events have increased pressure on businesses to adapt sooner than anticipated. We hope that by the time you reach the conclusion of this page, you will be better prepared to make an e-commerce decision.

SuiteCommerce: What is it?

The e-commerce experience is driven by NetSuite ERP, thus expanding your e-commerce solution requires complete access to your ERP data. The ERP software is pre-integrated with NetSuite’s flagship platform, SuiteCommerce. As a result, businesses are exempt from paying for the integration of an e-commerce platform with NetSuite. CRM, ERP, and order and inventory management are all integrated into SuiteCommerce. ​

All the data is accessible because it was created by NetSuite for NetSuite, allowing your e-commerce solution to adapt as your business changes. You won’t encounter any obstacles that prevent you from improving the B2B and B2C eCommerce user experiences.

SuiteCommerce’s Core Qualities

  • Scalable enterprise.

Your company will keep expanding. You may easily add more inventory to your e-commerce website with SuiteCommerce’s dynamic pages.

  • Enhanced Personalization.

SuiteCommerce makes use of themes and extensions and gives you complete code control. Using a modular design, you can create the most sophisticated javascript or HTML website.

  • Access to all NetSuite data.

SuiteCommerce was created specifically for NetSuite users, and it integrates easily with the NetSuite ERP system to provide a cohesive platform. It retrieves data from NetSuite in real-time.

  • NetSuite Scripts Access

Are there any scripts now active on your NetSuite data? No issue! Since SuiteCommerce is connected directly to NetSuite, it can also handle them. Real-time updates are made there for Suitecommeerce

  • Login & Accounts for Customers

Your e-commerce customers can access NetSuite directly through SuiteCommerce. For B2B companies, My Account in SuiteCommerce can be highly customized.

  • Easy Shopping

The single-page application loads all of the javascript at once to speed up user browsing without requiring page reloads. Provide superior online experiences for your customers.

  • Popular Response

There are more support alternatives accessible the more well-liked a system is by customers. Additionally, firms like Anchor Group provide personalized extensions for additional business solution alternatives.

  • Automated SEO friendly

SEO consists of two essential components. To rank #1 on Google, content data management (title, descriptions, and details) and further SEO customization bundles are needed.

  • Various Prices

The cost will vary according to the product you choose to buy (SuiteCommerce Standard, Advanced, MyAccount, or InStore), as well as any customizations or third-party solutions that you might be interested in buying and integrating.
SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) versus SuiteCommerce Standard: Differences

You might have come across the phrases SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and SuiteCommerce Standard if you have already started learning about SuiteCommerce (SC).

Given that one of the solutions is half as expensive as the other, it is critical to comprehend how they differ. The majority of consumers mistakenly believe that SuiteCommerce Standard (formerly just called SuiteCommerce) prohibits customization of the theme or extensions. That is untrue. In reality, many of the same adjustments are possible.

SuiteCommerce Advanced offers complete access to the source code, which is the main distinction. SCA will be needed if there is significant customization that modifies the platform’s architecture.

SuiteCommerce & SCA Migration and Implementation

Any eCommerce solution should take into account the level of work required for implementation or migration to a new platform. Depending on the kind of goods you’re buying, there are many different factors that affect the cost of a SuiteCommerce deployment. We’ll assume that you’re looking for more from your solution than just activation and that you want it to serve your needs.

These ranges do differ since many businesses have varying standards for the product’s appearance and feel as well as its usefulness.


The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced platform allows you to build a quick, user-friendly storefront that is ready to use on any device right out of the box. You may provide your consumers a web store with a wealth of features and exceptional aesthetic design thanks to its limitless design flexibility. It can also be combined with the order management, inventory, marketing, customer service, and financial aspects of NetSuite on the backend for a fully integrated business.

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