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What is Telegram Boost? | Guide to Enable Channel Stories

Telegram recently introduced Channel Stories, a new feature for Telegram channel owners to interact with their subscribers, but not everyone can access it. In this article, we will explain why!

What are Telegram Channel Boosts?

It is like Discord Nitros, but the catch is it is now more limited in Telegram. Telegram says spamming concerns it prevents users from boosting only one channel, and they can only change their boost choice every 24 hours. Simply when your channel is being boosted, Some exclusive features will be enabled for you.

Right now, the most exciting feature is Channel Stories, and not every channel has it because the more members you have, the more difficult it is to catch.

For every 1000 subscribers, you need 1 boost to go to level 2 and enable stories!

How to get Boosts?

You can ask your subscribers to boost your channel via your channel boost link. For example, imagine this is your channel link:

Your boost URL would be, and whenever a user clicks on that if the user has subscribed to Telegram Premium, your channel can be boosted!

But is it your only method and option to get Boosts for your channel? Of course not! There are other methods as well, which we will explain further.

Buy Telegram Boosts

Is it legal and safe to buy boosts? Short answer: Yes. You can buy boosts for your channel, enable stories faster, and get ahead of your competitors, but how and where? You can Buy Telegram Boosts from Followdeh, a website that offers SMM services and is a well-known SMM Panel and SMM Service Provider.

What are SMM Panels?

SMM Panel is a website type that offers Social Media Marketing (SMM) services all in one place and lets you manage and track your orders. SMM Panels offers services related to Social Networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Truth Social, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.

Telegram Premium Members

Telegram Premium is a subscription by Telegram that allows some exclusive features for users who subscribe and pay a monthly $4.99 subscription fee.

Features include Custom Emojis, Animated Profile Photo, and recently ONLY Premium Users can boost their favorite channels!

It is essential to Buy Telegram Boosts because you can not get it quickly from your audience, and so few boosts are available. 

Buy Telegram Premium Members

SMM panels offer regular Telegram Members to buy, but in Followdeh, You can Buy Telegram Premium Members, which is very rare right now! If you have premium members subscribed to your channel, your channel will rank higher in search, and you can rapidly increase the number of organic members!

How does a Telegram Channel Story look?

In the official Telegram post on the Telegram Website, you can see that to enable stories, you need to share the boost URL with users. Durov channel needs 3 boosts to enable stories for its channel.

How to post channel story on Telegram

Telegram stories are incredible and easier to use compared to Instagram and WhatsApp. You can easily add up to 5 reactions to your stories or Add your favorite music as a background sound. Dual Cam stories are much more accessible and better in Telegram.

And for channel stories, You can see how many people have watched stories and how many story views each story gets publicly available.

Final Thoughts

The Telegram channel Story feature is an incredible feature for Telegram channel owners who want to grow their audience on Telegram. Telegram is about to become an everything app with its investment in its infrastructure.

It is recommended to Buy Telegram Boost to enable exclusive features as fast as possible to be better than competitors!