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What is the Best Gaming Setup for Beginners?

The best gaming setup or ‘battle station’ for beginners should have all the gaming necessities. A gaming setup will enable you to play your favorite games comfortably. Moreover, your setup will help you tailor your gaming experience according to your needs. 

Gaming setups differ according to the preferences of each gamer. However, there are certain things you will find in every setup. Designing your gaming setup will enhance your performance while avoiding back and other body aches.

Console or Gaming PC

You cannot have a gaming setup without a console or gaming computer. A gaming PC is designed specifically for gaming. Though there are games specifically made for the PC, like World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2, most console games can be played on the PC as well. 

A gaming console is a device designed for playing video games. The console is usually connected to a screen to play the game. There are two main consoles.


This is a gaming console from Microsoft. It can be connected to a TV or screen and has evolved from Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and now the Xbox Series. Xbox also has an online gaming network called Xbox Live, which enables gamers to play and interact online. The most popular Xbox games are 

  • Fortnight
  • Roblox
  • Minecraft
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Call of Duty


The PlayStation is a video game console designed by Sony that can also be used with screening devices. Sony started with the PS1 and has recently released its most recent console, the PS5. Some of the most popular PS games are:

  • Unchartered
  • God of War
  • Marvel’s Spiderman
  • Last of Us
  • Horizon

Gamers are divided between console and PC gaming. However, both gaming platforms have advantages and disadvantages relative to a gamer’s preference. 


A desk for gaming can easily be overlooked because you can find a table or office desk for your equipment. Nonetheless, gaming desks offer perks that may not be found in ordinary desks. First, gaming desks are adjustable, allowing you to customize them according to the height you desire and your comfort. They may also include hooks for headphones or glasses and extra storage for your consoles or external hard drives. 


A gaming chair is an ergonomic chair designed specifically for playing video games. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will spend hours playing video games. A great gaming chair will not only make gaming comfortable but will also help prevent body aches. 

Gaming chairs may look similar to regular office chairs, but they usually include additions such as armrests, cushioned back and neck, lumber support, and real or PU (polyurethane) leather. Choosing the best ergonomic chair will improve your gaming performance considerably. 


Headphones are a must-have in a gaming setup. Though you can use speakers, headphones offer an all-in-one solution to gaming. They also come with a microphone you can use when playing with other gamers online. 

Gaming headphones also have better audio quality with surround sound and clear, crisp microphones. They are also made for comfort, with padding for long-time use. 


Unless you are using a desktop for video games, a keyboard is not necessary, and a normal keyboard will do. Nonetheless, you can get a gaming keyboard to make your gaming setup more enjoyable. You can choose a mechanical keyboard with a wired connection and an N-Key rollover. Additionally, if you spend long hours typing or working on a computer, you may consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard to improve comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.


Just like with other equipment, you can use a normal mouse to play your games. However, you will not get the most out of your gaming experience. A gaming mouse, on the other hand, has sensors that make it more accurate and reliable. You can find a budget-friendly gaming mouse for as little as $20. Furthermore, to add a personal touch to your gaming setup, you can customize your mouse pad with your favorite gaming artwork, logo, or design. Many companies offer personalized mouse pad options, allowing you to create a unique and stylish addition to your gaming station.


A gaming monitor is designed to enhance your gaming experience by making everything look better when gaming. The best monitors for gaming come with at least a 1920×1080 resolution for crisper images. Additionally, the wider they are, the better. Some gamers also choose to go with two screens instead of one. 


A gaming setup cannot work without a reliable internet connection. Whether you choose to play online or download your games and play offline, you still need the internet. There is nothing as frustrating as an internet connection that keeps losing speed. 


Now that you know what to get, there are two things you should consider before you build your gaming setup. 

  • Budget. Your budget will largely determine what you need to get. While you can buy what you need on a budget, you will not get quality equipment if you skimp too much. You may find that you already have one or two things for your setup, and you will not need to start completely from scratch. 
  • Space. Your gaming setup is also determined by how much space you have. You will need to get a desk and chair that can fit in the space you have. 

You will keep upgrading your gaming setup over time with other accessories, such as lights. A gaming setup is one of those things you will keep changing from time to time to suit your changing preferences.