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What is the Best Internet Service in Iran?

We all know that Internet access in Iran is one of the biggest problems for staying there. Multiple challenges, such as Internet censorship and blocking of various websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., or slowing down the speed of the bandwidth intentionally, are among the things that cause a lot of trouble for the citizens of this country and other people who travel to this country from aboard.

If you are planning to travel to Iran and want to use the best internet service for your stay in this country, buying one of the high-speed internet services we have introduced in this article is better. The main question here is how long you can last without internet access. If your answer is only a few moments or minutes, you need to read this article to the end. Our main goal of this introduction is to review some of Iran’s best high-speed internet services.

What kind of high-speed internet services are accessible in Iran?

High-speed internet service in Iran is offered by different ISPs and based on several other technologies. One of the most widespread and popular high-speed Internet services is TD-LTE Internet, which you can use for home and on-the-go access. Another option for high-speed internet service in Iran is point-to-point Internet, which is suitable for homes, villas, and companies. This type of high-speed Internet is an ideal option for businesses and people who use it personally or professionally, and they need uninterrupted and unlimited access to the Internet.

If you decide to buy TD-LTE service in Iran, it is enough to search for the term “buy TD-LTE internet service in Iran” on search engine websites. Among the high-speed internet services in Iran, TD-LTE is a minor troublesome service for personal and normal users because it is very cheap and can be easily purchased and used.

In addition to these high-speed internet services in Iran, other types require more time and effort to set up, which makes them unsuitable for many travelers to Iran who come from abroad. These services include:

  • ADSL2+ high-speed internet
  • VDSL Internet
  • FTTH or fiber optic internet

These high-speed internet services in Iran are not suitable for tourists and travelers. If you want quality internet service, getting one of TD-LTE’s high-speed internet services is better. And if you want to stay for a few months or more in a specific house or launch a company in Iran, it’s better to use dedicated bandwidth internet in Iran.

TD-LTE high-speed Internet service in Iran

High-speed Internet in Iran is slow and sometimes disconnected in some cases. Stable access to high-speed Internet is one of the things that you should consider when buying Internet services. One of the most stable high-speed internet services in Iran is TD-LTE. This high-speed internet service allows you to have high-speed and high-quality Internet in the shortest possible time by purchasing the appropriate TD-LTE modem and internet packages.

TD-LTE high-speed Internet service is one of the best options for people constantly moving or staying in one place for a short time due to a lack of location dependence. Of course, to use this high-speed Internet service in Iran, you can use pocket modems that connect to the TD-LTE network. The main advantage of this TD-LTE internet service, in addition to its ease of purchase and use, is its perfect speed, and in terms of coverage, it has reached an excellent and stable condition.

If you intend to benefit from high-speed, stable, and quality internet and will only stay briefly in a city or workplace, the best high-speed internet option in Iran is TD-LTE. If you plan to stay in this country for a long time and need better Internet for your business and profession, reading the rest of this article is better.

Which ISP in Iran is better?

There are many ISPs operate to provide Internet access services in Iran. These ISPs include:

  • Irancell (as representative of South Africa’s MTN company in Iran)
  • Taknet (one of the most pioneering and advanced ISPs in Iran)
  • MCI (aka Hamrah-e Avval)
  • Asiatek (one of the Iranian ISPs that became famous by selling ADSL2+ services in various cities of Iran)
  • shatel (another ISP that sells ADSL2+ and other internet solutions for users)
  • Mahannet
  • Pishgaman
  • Samantel

When buying internet service from these companies, whether you decide to stay in Iran for a short period; First, you should consider which companies can give you better access to the Internet as a tourist or a foreigner with temporary residence.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose Taknet as your internet service provider while staying in Iran. Taknet is one of the Iranian ISPs which give you best experience for connecting to worldwide network.

To buy an internet service from these ISPs, the best ISP in Iran is the one that has more open ports and protocols for accessing VPNs and other suitable solutions for opening censored websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

High-speed internet service with dedicated bandwidth

High-speed Internet with dedicated bandwidth is a professional service requiring more time than the previous solution. Due to its advantages, the Internet with dedicated bandwidth is the best option for businesses and people who intend to stay in Iran for a long time. Using the Internet with a dedicated bandwidth is a long-term solution due to the need for more hardware than TD-LTE.

The advantages of point-to-point Internet access in Iran is the best option for professional Internet access in Iran. The distinguishing feature of the Internet with dedicated bandwidth compared to TD-LTE is the benefit of higher and symmetrical speed.

The price of high-speed Internet in Iran

The most significant advantage of high-speed internet services in Iran is its low price compared to global rates. As the exchange rate of the Rial with other foreign currencies has decreased, the tariff for high-speed internet service in Iran has become remarkably affordable. You can use TD-LTE or dedicated broadband internet to buy them cheaply.

TD-LTE high-speed Internet has a very low tariff, which makes it very economical and cheap for travelers to buy long-term and oversized packages. Even if you intend to purchase Internet with dedicated bandwidth, due to the meager exchange rate, even with high bandwidth, you will get a cheap service that will provide you with the best possible quality in providing high-speed and stable Internet.

Final word

Choosing a suitable internet service in Iran is a massive challenge for tourists. Even many Iranian users face many challenges in selecting a proper internet service, To the extent that many Persian language articles have tried to help users choose the best internet service in Iran. So, in this article, we introduced the best high-speed internet service in Iran for people who plan to travel to this country. TD-LTE internet is the best option for people wanting high-speed and quality internet service in Iran. This service is more suitable for situations where the user plans to move and will be in a different place for a long time.