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What is the Budget for the Casino Newcomers?

Online and in-person casinos are a huge hit, which means they are seeing an influx of first-timers to the platforms. It’s no secret that gambling can be volatile, and not many beginners want to take that risk. 

So, how do you have fun but limit your risk at the same time? You can do so by setting a budget and taking measures to make the most of your capital. Our budget tips are useful for those in Sweden and all around the world. 

Gambling in Sweden

Sweden is one of the countries that has experienced more gamblers, especially on digital platforms. This may be because the legal gambling age for online casinos in the country is only 18. However, for those looking to try their luck in land-based casinos, you will need to be at least 20.

A great online casino to start for beginners is bingo online, which also happens to be recommended by our resident casino expert, Amy Martinsson. You can read more about Amy and her accomplishments.

Tips for Casino Newcomers

There is no “right budget” for casino newcomers, because risk tolerance and capital will vary from person to person. Let’s take a look at our top tips to help you determine your budget and minimize risk for any type of casino, including blockchain and crypto casinos.

Set a budget

Our first and perhaps most important tip is to set a budget. If you have a conservative budget and the discipline to stick to it, then you won’t be subject to heavy losses. There are a few types of budgets you can set. 

The first one is a loss budget and the other one is a win budget. A loss budget means you cut your losses when you have reached that set number. For example, if you set your loss budget at $1000, that means when you lose $1000, you walk away no matter what.

A win budget is a little bit more difficult to determine. It’s easy to want to chase your wins, but try not to do that, as it usually leads to the house taking your wins back. Instead, walk away once you hit a certain limit.

You can also set a betting budget. This means allotting a certain amount to play with and whether you win or lose, you bet no more than the budget you initially set. 

Find a Small Deposit Casino

Look for a casino that doesn’t ask for a huge sum upfront. To make sure you can walk away without a huge hole in your pocket, look for casinos that ask for the lowest minimum deposit. Don’t just go for the first one you see, because not all casinos are equally reputable.

Also, check to make sure the currency listed is correct. You don’t want to accidentally bet American dollars if your country’s currency is worth a lot less. 

Try it Out First

Use the demo versions! Lots of online casinos have demo versions of the games for potential players to try out. This can be done before you place any real money bets. Slots are one of the most popular games in casinos, online or in-person. Slots are also the games that offer the most free demos.

The demos allow you to look at the gameplay, the mechanics, the RTP (return to player) and volatility before you risk any of your hard-earned cash. 

What are the Bonuses Offered?

Then look at what bonuses are offered in the casinos. Online casinos are great for this comparison because you can easily browse around to find the casinos that offer the best bonuses. 

Signup bonuses are an example of incentives online casinos offer first-timers. Casinos can also offer deals and discounts to members and the occasional rewards for VIPs. Some even offer free credits the first time you register with their platform!

The better the bonuses these casinos offer, the more cash reserves you may have to earn greater rewards. Look around and compare and contrast to find the ones with the best deals. 

Bonuses can range from extra credits to free spins in specific games and even huge tournaments with even bigger jackpots to satiate the passionate players. 


Casinos are an excellent pastime if you can play it safe. Follow our tips above to find the right budget for you.