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What Is The Difference Between 3D and 5D Diamond Painting? How To Do 5D Diamond Painting?

If you are one of those who love and enjoy doing various types of artwork you will enjoy diamond painting, more specifically called 3D and 5D painting. After originating from Asian countries, it has spread all over the world among all ages as a calming, relaxing, and enjoyable activity. People love to paint with sparkling diamonds and create unique colorful designs. 

Various types of diamond kits are available, for beginners it becomes easier to paint with diamonds as all the required materials are provided within the kit. But you can do a DIY Diamond Painting and buy diamond painting stocks separately. If you are a beginner you might be confused about the terms of 3D and 5D painting and how to differentiate them? But don’t worry we will discuss the differences in the whole article and methods used to create a 5D painting. 


Diamond painting is similar to number painting where numbers are used for painting but here as the name suggests we paint with sparkling gems which are not real diamonds that would become expensive in this case. 

3D diamond painting is a term that is used for filling a canvas with tiny gems or rhinestones that contain 3 facets on each side. These beads can also be called diamonds, gems, diamond dots, and drills. They are about 2.5 × 2.5 millimeters in dimension. 

The facets of these drills are flat areas that will work as shine or raising the bead, 3 facets on each side, becoming 9 in total. 


5D painting is almost the same as the 3D-counterpart, the only difference lies in the structure of the drills. 

In a 5D Diamond Paintings, the drills or beads have 5 facets on each side that will become 15 facets in total. That is the reason why 5D drills are more sparkling and have glossy surfaces. The finished product with 5D painting will have more depth. 


  • Mainly differentiate based on structural symmetry as the 3D drills have 3 facets and 5D gems contain 5 facets on each side.
  • In total, 3D diamonds will have 9 facets and 5D gems will have 15 facets.
  • 3-dimensional diamonds are beautiful but give a simple look and are hence mostly used for creating simpler and easier less detailed designs for kids’ diamond painting.
  • 5D diamonds are used for creating paintings that require more details as they are more sparkling and give more depth to the image you are creating. They have more faces to refract the light hence brighter and shinier.


If you are a beginner in the world of diamond painting, you should try the 3D diamonds option first. You can handle 3D drills more easily and you need to worry about the straight lining of the painting. So you have more wiggle room to work with easily. 

After getting some experience now you are ready for trying 5D diamond art. 

These 5D diamonds will produce stunning shimmering effects with a detailed design. The final finished product will be a perfect way to go!


After knowing all about 3D and 5D painting differences, now you are thinking about how to start doing 5D diamond painting, we are here to guide you step by step. Read carefully all the steps and apply them to make a colorful and stunning painting. 

  1. Workplace Preparation:

Before opening the package and starting painting, find a proper work place where you can work without any interruptions and distractions.  Keep your setup place away from the reach of your children or pets to make sure you have a great painting time.

  1. Arrange Painting Kit and Materials:

Arrange Painting Kit and Materials: After deciding the proper place and before you start your painting, arrange all the painting materials in such a manner you will have access with great ease. Diamond painting kits usually contain a canvas, 5D diamonds or drills with proper numbering according to the design on canvas, adhesive wax, and applicator. Open the packing and take out all the materials.

These steps are necessary before you start painting for a better and smoother experience.

  1. Consideration of Symbols:

In the next step, analyze all the symbols to have a complete understanding before you take a proper start. This will train your brain and build links how you will follow the steps to complete the design on canvas. You will be able to make a diamond painting better and quicker. 

  1. Selection of Diamonds and Start Painting:

On this step, you will start painting. After arranging your place and studying symbols on the canvas you can start painting by pouring your favorite 3D and 5D Diamond Paintings with you.

Shake the tray a little to make the diamonds face up in the right direction. 

  1. Uncover The Canvas:

Once you have poured the starting 5D diamonds in a tray, uncover that part of the canvas you want to work on. Don’t remove the whole cover to avoid dust and maintain stickiness of canvas. 

  1. Pick Up the Diamonds:

After uncovering the tub of wax, dip your applicator into the wax. Now press the pen on the 5D drills, they will easily stick onto the pen.

  1. Stick 5D Diamonds Onto The Canvas:

Now start sticking the diamonds onto the canvas according to the mentioned symbols. Don’t apply unnecessary pressure on the pen, this will make diamonds dull. 

  1. Repeat The Procedure:

Repeat the application of 5D diamonds onto the canvas according to the corresponding areas until the completion of the whole painting. 

  1. Hanging The Painting:

After completing, you can frame your colorful painting to keep it forever and hang it in your favorite place of your home or office anywhere you want. 


You have gone through the differences between 3D and 5D diamond painting and after finding your best suitable choice of 5D painting, you learn to complete it step by step.