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What Is the Dosage in Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements?

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When hunting for a natural supplement to help you live a better life, it’s essential to pay attention to the dosage. Without knowing how much of an ingredient you will be consuming, you may not experience the effects supplements intend to deliver.

Turkey tail mushroom supplements are no exception to this rule. You can get the most out of these supplements by familiarizing yourself with the proper dosage and strategies for selecting the optimum dose.

Out of the many turkey tail mushroom supplements out there, some contain higher concentrations than others. Those with less concentration are ineffective since their dosage is too low, which means there is no effect.

What Are Turkey Tail Mushrooms, and What Do They Do?

The term “turkey’s tail” refers to a variety of medicinal mushrooms. Its name comes from the fact that, well, it looks like a turkey’s tail. However, we’re not here to discuss etymology; instead, we’re interested in the health benefits that turkey tail mushrooms provide.

Turkey tail mushrooms contain multiple types of antioxidants. There are over 35 different types of phenols and a large number of flavonoids. So, turkey tail mushroom supplements can reduce the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Turkey tails also contain immunity-boosting peptides, including PSK (polysaccharide-K). This substance is commonly used as an anti-cancer drug. In fact, Japanese doctors heavily rely on it to fight cancer.

In recent years, there has been extensive research on turkey tail mushrooms in the West. This research provides evidence that taking these mushroom supplements plays a vital role in gut health. Since turkey tail mushroom supplements contain prebiotic elements, they can help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

Dosing a Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement

As with any other supplement, you must dose mushroom supplements correctly to achieve the desired effect. The dosage will vary depending on what you’re trying to achieve and the supplement you are taking.

When deciding on the dosage, it’s important to remember that turkey tail extracts are not the same as powdered mushrooms.

General Guidelines

If you want to take turkey tail supplements to improve your overall health and wellbeing, two to three grams of powder per day should suffice. This dosage contains all of the active ingredients in the turkey tail, including phenols, flavonoids, PSK, and prebiotics. Furthermore, a daily dose of two to three grams will only elicit minor side effects.

You can obtain most of the benefits by taking a powdered turkey tail mushroom supplement. However, if you want to focus on one aspect, a concentrated turkey tail extract supplement is your best bet.

Dosage in Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Various Purposes

Turkey tail supplements are widely utilized in Japanese medicine, where the use and research of turkey tail mushrooms against cancer is commonplace. Therefore, studies suggest that using a turkey tail mushroom supplement can help cancer patients live longer by raising their chances of survival.

When taken in the appropriate dosage, these mushroom supplements are effective against cancer in various ways. To begin with, turkey tail mushrooms boost the number of anti-cancer cells in the body, such as natural killer cells and lymphocytes. In this manner, the body will have a higher chance of battling cancer and winning the battle.

In addition, studies suggest that turkey tail mushrooms boost the body’s natural immunity. This boost can have a two-fold effect on the fight against cancer. It can amplify the effects of conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy while reducing their side effects simultaneously. When you put two and two together, it’s easy to see how a turkey tail mushroom supplement could positively affect the survivability of cancer patients.

It’s vital to remember that PSK is the primary active component given to patients battling cancer. Therefore, you should aim for around three grams of PSK per day. Since that’s not a small amount, you might consider getting a turkey tail extract high in PSK.

However, if turkey tail powder is all you have, you may need to go as high as nine grams per day. Don’t worry, though. Studies show that this is a safe dosage.

Can You Overdose on a Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplement?

This is a common question with most mushroom supplements. The simple answer is no; turkey tail mushrooms are not harmful, so there is no way to overdose on them. With that said, there are a few adverse effects to be mindful of:

  • Bloating and gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Darkening of the stool
  • Darkening of the fingernails

If any of these adverse effects occur, they will likely be mild. But they can easily be dealt with by adjusting your dosage. For beginners, it’s recommended to start small and then gradually work your way up.

Adults usually tolerate turkey tail supplements considerably well. Numerous studies prove this: cancer patients sometimes use up to nine grams of turkey tail daily for extended periods. As for smaller dosages, people have been using them for years without adverse effects.

So aside from a few minor inconveniences, you don’t have to be concerned about the side effects of a turkey tail mushroom supplement. Similarly, overdosing is practically impossible.


A turkey tail mushroom supplement can be a valuable addition to your everyday health and fitness regime. It provides a host of positive effects, mainly related to immunity and gut health. In addition, turkey tail supplements can reduce inflammation, helping manage various chronic ailments. The fact that these mushroom supplements are nontoxic also means that overdosing is not a concern.

Studies show that turkey tail mushrooms can help fight various cancers and promote general well-being. As such, a turkey tail mushroom supplement can boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy while easing its side effects.

However, in these cases, dosing is slightly more complicated. Still, since turkey tail mushrooms are non-toxic, you won’t have trouble finding the correct dosage protocol to fit your needs.