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What is the Future of Streaming Services?

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For artists, the possibility of being discovered on streaming platforms is the number one need. Time-saving and easy-to-use streaming services occupy internet space rapidly and fast. Moreover, streaming is a possibility to play music without downloading has displaced all possible physical and digital music mediums, which gives confidence that the future of streaming services is more or less defined. Streaming growth can be considered from a business development perspective because of the ability to generate long-term profit. Streaming companies as Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Tidal and others maintain a course to gain as many paid subscribers as possible.

The streaming grows enormous and shows an impressive increase each year. For example, by the end of 2030, this market is foreseen to reach around $37 billion.

The streaming technology and the quality of music demonstrate user- pleasurable shiftings

As long as the possibility to sell their track just inside the platform. The other tricky question is royalties. The question about who delivers royalties fastest, most efficient and accurate is still open. Artists claim that they don’t get all royalties they deserve and the bulk of it takes record labels and other mediums. The future of streaming is definitely on the way streaming platforms will organize financial issues.  

Hopefully, next step streaming services will integrate live concerts and perhaps VR or AR. That would be a great opportunity to visit the concerts’ physical presence. The digital ticket also could bring a lot of income to streaming platforms. 

Spotify playlist placement is the main step for musicians

With all mentioned revenues it is not a secret why do musicians desire to find a platform with their followers and put their music into it. That’s where the question of how to make an accurate promotion is shown up. Music promotional and pitching services allow being discoverable by fans to gain more and more popularity among young and experienced artists. Music promotion companies could be amazingly helpful in the way of artist development. The question is on what tools are the best and how to gain more and spend less.

Answering this question Artist Push claim that one of the fastest and the saves option to drive streams and gain followers is Spotify playlist placement. You can choose the type and the genre for playlist placement and see exact results day by day.