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What is the HouseJet Referral Program?

The HouseJet platform has become extremely popular over the past year with agents, buyers, and sellers alike. But what exactly is the HouseJet Referral Program, and how does it work? Let’s explore by digging a little deeper into this popular real estate lead generation system.

7 Key Features of the HouseJet Referral Program

HouseJet is a unique platform that combines real estate training and education with lead generation and AI technology. There’s almost no other platforms out there doing anything similar in this space. 

As a result, it stands out as a perfect all-in-one solution for agents who want to stake claim to a local market where there’s lots of competition.

Here are some of the key features associated with the HouseJet program:

  • Custom-Branded Websites: HouseJet provides agents with personalized websites that reflect their unique brand identity. Unlike standard template-based solutions, these custom-branded websites are tailored to showcase an agent’s distinct value proposition, ensuring they stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Advanced Social Branding: HouseJet assists agents in refining their social media presence so that it becomes a valuable asset for their business. This sophisticated social branding strategy extends beyond just property listings and aims to cultivate a strong personal brand and foster community engagement. That’s what sets it apart from so many other generic social branding tools that exist in the software marketplace. 
  • MAX Artificial Intelligence: The MAX AI feature is basically the pinnacle of lead generation technology within the HouseJet platform. It’s a cutting-edge tool that optimizes marketing efforts and enhances lead generation strategies by employing advanced algorithms. This results in a much more efficient process that allows agents to focus on other critical aspects of their business while MAX AI works to maximize lead potential.
  • LISA Artificial Intelligence: LISA AI complements the HouseJet ecosystem by acting as a digital assistant that automates client communication. LISA reaches out to potential clients via text to schedule appointments on behalf of the agent, ensuring immediate engagement. This feature allows agents to maintain a high level of responsiveness and engagement with leads, even when they are occupied with other tasks or personal commitments. Best of all, you don’t have to pay LISA to be your assistant. She comes with the platform. (And she’s always happy to see you!)
  • Inside Sales Agent Team: HouseJet enhances its support for agents through a dedicated team of trained inside sales agents. This team acts as an extension of the agent’s own efforts, providing rapid follow-up with leads by scheduling appointments promptly after initial contact. This level of immediate response can impact client acquisition in a major way. It’s built on the “speed to lead” theory that people tend to choose the first agent they successfully engage with.
  • Proven Training Program: Education and continuous improvement are core to the HouseJet philosophy. The platform offers a pretty robust training program that’s designed to equip agents with the knowledge and strategies they need to exceed the $1 million mark in commissions annually. This training focuses on sales techniques and market insights, as well as how to use HouseJet’s tools and resources for maximum impact.
  • Commission Share Program: HouseJet introduces a unique incentive for agents through its Commission Share program. This initiative encourages and rewards successful transactions, fostering a healthy relationship and dynamic between HouseJet and its agents. The program is structured to boost the agent’s success in the real estate business, which intentionally aligns the platform’s growth with the individual achievements of the agents using it.

Growing With HouseJet

As powerful as the HouseJet platform is, it’s not for everyone. And if you sign up, you aren’t guaranteed results. The agents who are most successful with the platform are the ones who are most hungry to get results. They use HouseJet to take what they’re already doing and pour gasoline on that simmering fire. In these scenarios, the results are usually exciting and highly profitable.

While HouseJet might not be a miracle cure for every agent, it’s absolutely one of the best ways to build a sustainable pipeline of leads over a series of months and years. And the best part is, it’s all your business. You simply pay a small commission to HouseJet at closing, but the client relationship and the rest of the commission is yours to keep.